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Which game system would you buy, the PS3 or Xbox 360?

Asked by eevo19 (33points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Need opinions on which game system to go with… PS3 or 360?

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I would wait for ps home

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PS3, since you asked what I would buy. I prefer adventure games and RPGs. Shooting games are too violent and dizzying for my taste. Plus the bluray drive is a nice bonus. :)

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ps3….and buy call of duty 4, its a blast!

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ps3, blu ray + better games

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If I had to buy some game system, I’d buy a Wii. But I haven’t bought any of them, and don’t intend to.

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I would get the PS3. But that’s only because its the one next gen system I don’t own.

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I’d also go for the Wii. The others are just more of the same crap games I bored of years ago. Great gameplay trumps flashy graphics every time.

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well I own all three and have to say my favorit is the Wii but if I had to chose between the 360 and PS3 I would have to say the PS3. Only because I am utterly addicted to the grand theft auto games and final fantasy. Plus I love the blue-ray but you really need to buy the HDMI and Optical Auto plugs with a good 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound to the most out of your blue-ray. I found that trying to proccess 1080i on anything but HDMI gave me a render line on my screen. It never seemed to happen in games though. Not to mention the 360 has a bunch of online junk and even more online junk if you are willing to pay their monthly payment, but the 360’s interface, in my option sucks. So in summery, the choice really is between; do you want blue-ray or not? As for “counsel only” titles, the only big one that come to mind is Halo. Everything else gets ported, except final fantasy. I hope this helps. Oh wait! One other reason to get the ps3; LittleBig World. Youtube it, that uses the full potental of the cell processor!

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I don’t think any of them is the holy grail. Xboxs have five times the failure rate, though, and they aren’t getting a blu-ray add on if you care about that. A recent article on Yahoo! said you can get a super macked PS2 setup for the same price.

I agree with Maverick, too.

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Just announced on that PS3 is going Blu-ray 2.0, so that’s, uh, better.

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If you don’t care about good games, get a ps3.

If you play videogames, get an xbox 360.

and Grand Theft Auto 4 is coming to the 360 with extra downloadable content, so I’m not quite sure what you were trying to say with that post,

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well let’s see here… That content is also on the ps3 however the draw distance and render time for crowds is 4x farther and faster then the 360, meaning more people on screen and farther distance you can see and shoot people. But I do agree to an extent about there being no good games… For ether system coming out soon.

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This arguement is so old I’m just
going to say 360 with my 2 cents. Oh and the 360 is if anything better graphically because if you look at the specs it can do better textures, lighting, and ai. Not that it matters with all the cross platform games anyways.

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good point. Let’s not get into this.

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LAWL People think graphics compensate for a bad game. Gameplay is much more important than graphics IMO.

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Um, the exclusive dlc is not coming to the PS3. I’m marking your post for stupidity, unless you can back up that claim.

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