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Why are so many country music song titles extremely bizarre?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 17th, 2010

Yeah okay I know define bizarre, but it really is the most appropriate description I can come up with. I mean look at some of the titles these strange folk have penned. I was watching an advertisement the other day. The “greatest hits of country” or something similar. Well I say watch more transfixed, it was like watching a train wreck. Kenny Rogers & some old bird were extolling the virtues of these “won-der-ful enduring hits” Some included were, Take this job & shove it – Mamma get a hammer (there’s a fly on Papa’s head) – My head hurts, my feet stink & I don’t love you & the classic romantic ballad -You’re the reason our kids are so ugly!!!! WTF, & while i’m on the subject this Conway Twitty dude, geez lock up yer daughters or what. His face looks like a right smacked arse.

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I agree that some titles make no sense, but it’s that way with just about every genre out there these days. And the titles of any other genre are much better? I’m not sure why they do it, but I could see it being to get people’s attention (like they did with you).

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I agree about some of them, but they fit the songs, usually. Like ‘It’s hard to kiss the lips at night, that chew your ass off all day long’. There is no other title that fits that song.

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You mean like Drop Kick Me Jesus Thru the Goalposts of Life ?
A few years ago, I read that doctors have found that a good way to help head injury cases is to have them write country western music.

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@filmfann It’s like Deliverance in real life alive & kicking. Squeal squeal.

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