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What is the Best phone service provider in Canada?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) July 17th, 2010

I am currently with rogers and still have 2 yr contract left
but would like to change to other provider if I can get better deal
<my sister can take my contract over if need to :) >
I am looking for good android phone
unfortunately Canada doesn’t have Droid X nor HTC Incredible but something like that would be great
I know there are only few provider exist but want to know what you guys think

also share how much you pay for your smart phone bills
My phone bill is around $85 (with 6GB data plan)

lastly, if you have tip/info on how to get phones cheap/free or get good monthly plan let me know


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I’m a huge fan of Virgin Mobile.

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@gggritso can you tell me why you like Virgin Mobile??
and what kind of smart phones do they offer??

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They don’t offer that many. The have one nice Android phone, they will have the iPhone 4 soon, and they have some Blackberrys and stuff. I just like them because they aren’t a giant evil corporation. They have friendly customer service folks, and they’re very transparent about their policies and pricing.

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I’m with Rogers too. I used to be with Bell. I think that phone companies treat you better if you switch from another carrier. If you tell your friends that Rogers is so much better than Bell, they might switch too.

I pay 90$ per month, but sometimes I call long distance and it goes up to 105$. It includes unlimited texts in Canada and the US and MY10, visual voicemail, etc…

I currently have the iPhone 3G and I’m 90% sure I’m gonna get the Samsung Epic when it comes to Canada. Samsung announced that Bell would carry it, and that news on other carriers will come later. If the epic is not available on Rogers I’ll get a different android phone. If it does come to Rogers, it will probably be in August.

So I would suggest you stick with Rogers and wait for the epic. It also has different names, and I haven’t quite figured out how they name everything. I think it’s the S series, but every carrier makes a little tweak and calls it something else.

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I’m with Bell. Costs about 90 bucks a month for phone, high speed internet and 1800 channels. They’re really lousy with customer service though, and always try to rip you off, but out of all the providers, they do have the most choices, at least to my knowledge. :/

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I didn’t know Samsung Epic was coming to Canada so soon
yeah it’s Samsung Galaxy S series ..and apparently it has hardware that is equal or better than iPhone 4…so basically choosing between iOS4 or android 2.2(2.3 later this year)
If this phone really comes out…I might get this one as well since it is way better than any android phone available in Canada right now

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My home is using bell phone,internet,tv so if I get a service with them
I will get instant $10 off from my phone bill
but bell doesn’t exactly have phones that I like or look for

btw is there a site where I can get info on which new phones are coming out in Canada??

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