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How do you get to be one of "the Golden"?

Asked by josie (30485points) July 17th, 2010

In a recent thread I saw a reference to “the Golden”. Without a specific explanation, I got the distinct impression that this refers to certain Flutherites who frequently get a pass from the moderators, under circumstances that many other Flutherites might get moderator discipline. My question is, how do you get to be Golden? Is it seniority? A particular political point of view? I am sure that I have no chance at achieving the status, but I would at least like to try. It would be sort of like having a Get Out of Jail Free card. Who are some of the Golden anyway? Thanks for your response.

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You must be able to speak Finnish, drink like a fish, and lick your eyebrows.

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There is no Golden group. If you don’t want to be modded, stick to the guidelines.

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Well, clearly you didn’t get your concerns addressed in that other q you just asked about moderator bias. I have no idea, again, what you’re talking about. That is, of course, rule 1 of being one of the Golden – of which I am the King

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Whatever the criteria, I figured you were Golden from my first day on Fluther.

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My son is not on Fluther, but he was born a Golden Child. we knew this the first breath he took. we knew he was destined for something truly great in this world. our beliefs have come true. our son is brillant and graduated 2nd in his high school class. he attended Vanderbilt Universtiy and graduated from San Diego State University. he formed his own coffee company in the northwest. he was bought out by Starbucks or General Foods. he would not tell us. his was in politics in Washington State. Speaker of The House for six years. he was the west coast director for FEMA for five years. he has now been invited to teach classes in Washington, DC to different states emergency management personnel throughout the country. it would not surprise me at all to see my son running for President Of the United States, somewhere down the road. he is a Golden Child and we are proud.

Now Fluther? that’s another situation altogether.

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<—Have a really cute dog.

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@chyna …you are not to reveal that part of our rituals, chyna!

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Um, there are no golden people. Really. Even if you have a really cute dog.

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I am a Golden Retriever- does that count?

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Evidence that there are golden people.

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For a small(ish) fee, I will name you as one of the select Golden Flutherites. It’s pretty similar to a knighting ceremony, really. And, if your budget allows, I can even make you a super triple secret Platinum member. You’ll be completely immune from those nasty mods. Muahahaha!
Just PM me and we’ll discuss payment details.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Heh, payment – is that what you’re calling it these days?

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Its not that you’re GOLDEN, there are ‘cliques’ where ever you go.

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Normally, you’d have to send me 5 payments of $19.95 to get this wisdom, but I’m feeling friendly today. Here’s the secret.
1) Have a good attitude
2) Post within guidelines
3) Have great amounts of wisdom to share

When you follow those 3 rules, you won’t get moderated! Viola!

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Flutherites who frequently get a pass from the moderators?. Are you high? Even Ben, Andrew, & Tim are subject to being spanked by the moderators.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities sounds like you are selling membership in Skull and Bones.

@AstroChuck one example where Ben, Andrew, or Tim was modded.

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@anartist Well, you can’t see that now, can you – it just says ‘response moderated’

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I cannot remember the details but Ben was modded- his question was pulled.
I am sure Andrew has been too.
Sometimes they randomly mod each other. Gets boring in the office you know.

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@Dog…have you ever been modded??

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I have been modded quite a few times.

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I’d say worrying less about conspiracy and controversy in Fluther mod dealings and more about being a helpful jelly who follows the guidelines will aid you in becoming one of the infamous Golden. Also, if you agree to pay for my graduate school (a mere $200K, I guarantee you will never be bothered ever again on this site.

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I have been modded. I have personally modded Andrew, more than once. Very few manage to escape moderation, and those that do stick to the guidelines like glue.

It also helps to write responses in verse. ~

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Nothing is helped by fostering and contributing to a notion like this. It’s false and divisive. Why in the world would we want to treat this as anything but fiction?

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You must let Goldfinger turn you into a [formerly living] work of art.

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Being Gold is really not as desirable as may appear at first glance. Haven’t you ever read Robert Frost ?

“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Ignore that upstart Johnny’s advice. He urged “Stay Gold, Ponyboy, stay Gold !”

But he didn’t know what he was talking about :)

(with apologies to S. E. Hinton)


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Have you tried asking this guy? He might have some tips. I just hope it doesn’t require a golden shower.

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I tend to think of “them” as the golden shower. Not that they exist, that is at least not in the sense to which you refer.

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You must go to Venice Beach, paint yourself gold, and dance. Like this guy.

But really, there is no “golden”. If anything, it’s probably more of a silver sheen they put upon themselves.

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As a spokesman of the Golden Girls (yes, men who are let in to the secrets of the Gold are from that instance seen and treated as women) i can only announce that such a circle does not exist.
If you want to enter the (non-existent) GG you first have to send some photos (from all angles) of your naked body, painted in Gold latex.

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I feel like I often get a “pass” from the mods. I guess I’m one of the golden.

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I’m still trying to figure out how several extremely abrasive members seem to have some sort of golden status for atrociously bad attitudes.

Aaaah, another great mystery.

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#1 – The first rule of Golden Club is, you do not talk about Golden Club

#2 – The second rule of Golden Club is, you do not talk about Golden Club

#3 – If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over.

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@Coloma As stated in many threads, nobody gets a free pass here. All of us extremely abrasive members have been modded many times.

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I’ll spring for the .org if you all want to start a page.

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I’ve been modded a few times, and each time I pretty much knew I was going to get modded.

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Modded. Damn.

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^Did I say that wrong?

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So whats the criteria for banning?

Do the worst offenders just keep getting repeated slaps on the wrist or is there ultimately a full ban imposed?

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Being modded for the more egregious offenses usually is effective, sometimes people have been temporarily banned, some people have been banned completely. Most of us are fairly tolerant and wouldn’t want to lose the positive contributions of any of us. Personality conflicts are usually best resolved by avoidance.

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I agree about the avoidance, but, I have been appalled at some of the vicious and crude attacks. Oh well..I guess some are willing to overlook really bad behavior in favor of some intelligent input.

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You can just flag things and then move on. The mods will get to it.

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Post stuff that isn’t crap. :)

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There’s an initiation ritual. Just keep in mind that, while golden is good, and showers are good… combinations don’t always work.

<—not golden

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I’m golden. Making a golden sandwich for ^ to feel golden, too.

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Does my avi qualify for Gold status cuz of the background color?

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@Coloma: We may not tell you what’s going on behind the scenes. Just because you don’t see evidence of anything being done doesn’t mean we’re sitting on our hands. It means we don’t feel the need to advertise what we’re doing.

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Of course. I understand that.
I was just curious as to how repeat offenders of the worst kind are handled.

Serious abusive personalities that repeatedly make very derogatory comments and are not permanently banned makes no sense to me.

It seems there would be some sort of ‘3 strikes’ rule or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just sharing my thoughts and am not, in any way, insinuating a lack of faith in any moderating protocol.

I just cannot respect that sort of blatently unhealthy behavior, nor respect and support anyone else that turns a blind eye to such.

There is a big dif. between modest to moderate disagreement and maybe some sarcastic retort vs. abusive, crude and cursing attacks.

I would just think there would be a limit on such…but hey..I’m just a guest here and, of course, free to stay or go according to how the general atmosphere feels to me.

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@Coloma: Flag answers and questions that demonstrate what you’re talking about. Contact the moderating team when something you describe happens. It doesn’t make much sense to not tell us what’s going on and then condemn us for not doing anything about it. Seeing as we are an unpaid team of 12 people, we need your help.

Also, what everyone needs to keep in mind is that it is entirely possible that someone will be more sensitive than the average Jelly and get very angry over something not worth getting angry over. we have dealt with that in the past and even lost some users because they got upset that we didn’t discipline a user who corrected someone’s grammar, or who made an inappropriate joke that was removed.

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No condemnation, just a genuine curiosity.
I have, just recently, became familiar with the flagging process.

I agree, certain sensitivities are to be taken into consideration, however…it’s hard to be overly sensitive when someone is calling someone a F——ing ^%$(*.

I;m pretty sure that a few troublemakers come to mind in the vast experience of the moderating team.

There are tolerable, albeit ‘difficult’ types, and then there are seriously verbally abusive types.

I think any seriously abusive members should be given their permanent walking papers, but, is my choice to stay or go dependent on my code of of integrity.

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You must take a golden shower to be golden.

And eat a pizza in the process. Better bob?

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@Blondesjon is taken.
I’ll share one of these if you want:

These available too:

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@anartist . . . How about

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I’ll be damned. I will if you will, but what will it be?
A joke Fluther? A Fluther exclusive sorority/fraternity? A random-assed Fluther?
Does it sound too much like queen bee jelly and/or a sexual lubricant?

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It sounds like a sexual lubricant marketed to high class call girls :)

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I wouldn’t know. I’m not golden- more like a light tan, or a just-done biscuit.

mmmm biscuits

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