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Can you help name a new magazine?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30864points) July 17th, 2010

Looking for a foreign word that means Create or Manifest or Craft… The team I’m working with likes the French word Faire, but there is already a magazine with that name.

The demographic is 17–20 years old, male and female, and the theme is how to Create your world, your life, your environment for the better, and for little or no money.

For instance, you’re poor, and can’t afford that cool coffee table in the catalog for your first apartment. But you can make a more distinctive one yourself out of junk and trinkets. Or recycled fashion techniques. Or great places to hang out on a budget. Or cooking healthy on a budget. You get the idea. It’s about conservation and life fulfillment through hands on discipline rather than bank account feeding consumerism.

The client wants the reader to put their mark on their lives, encouraging young adults to be all they can be… beyond the car they drive or the money they have.

What word, hopefully foreign, would encompass this ideology?

Bring Forth
Self Sufficient

Need a foreign word that leaves a crisp vibrant slightly feminine determined flavor upon the tongue.

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devenir French for become

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Bauen Sie! build it! German
Creato! create Italian

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L’Art de Vivre art of living

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CHISPA? it means “sparkle” in Spanish

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Sounds like a great magazine! It brings to mind Utopia, to me.

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Neujugendstil from the art movement Jugendstil, German for Art Nouveau, literally means “youth style” Neujugendstil would be “new youth style”

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Liberta – Italian for freedom, in this case of choice.

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Great answers everyone! Thanks so much. I’ve emailed the client a link to this page.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies let us know what your client chooses!

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(late to the party)

I dig ‘gestalt’

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very nice this gestalt of yours… very nice indeed

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