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cookbook with memoirs?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) February 28th, 2007
I would like a suggestion of a very particular kind of cookbook--the type that includes, with every recipe, a memory or anecdote. I'm interested in this more for the writing than for the food, but it's crucial that it involve recipes as well, and not just be, say, a chef's memoirs.
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the moosewood. or the silver palatte (i think.) the vegetarian epicure also.
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It is more of a memoir of food with multiple recipes interspersed but Tender to the Bone by Ruth Reichl could fall into this category
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moosewood isn't really what I'm looking for. Tender to the Bone looks closer (I think--just skimmed the first few pages online).
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VEGAN W. A VENGEANCE, by Isa Moskowitz - she had her own public access cooking show; considers herself a "post-punker" and is very funny, breezy and Jewish to the core (w/o the chicken fat.) Book is filled w. anecdotes, mainly relating to her mother, grandmother and some other eccentric family members.
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She has a sassy mouth and had me rofl.
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hmmm...what about the novel Like Water For Chocolate? It is a book about (among other things) cooking and love, set in Mexico, where the proseis interspersed with the recipes the main character uses. Not exactly a memoir, but a lovely book.
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yum. Monsoon Diary: A Memoir with Recipes (Paperback)by Shoba Narayan is all vegetarian but I can't vouch for the writing
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You also might want to check out Madhur Jaffrey's new memoir, which is a memoir with recipes. Or any of Jeffery Alford and Naomi Duguid's amazing cookbook/travelouges.
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I've always loved Ruth Reichl's Tender at the Bone. Jeffery Steingarten is another must for the writing.
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I've heard but haven't read Heartburn and there's a book I'm about to check out called, Cooking with my ex-boyfriends--I think...
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Heartburn is very funny but the recipes are really dated and not tuned to the way in which most of us eat these days. Worth reading for the read, however.
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The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook, it's called, by Thisbe Nissen.
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