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Guess who kicked zombie ass all the way to 10k?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) July 18th, 2010

And she did it all with a single pillow. That’s pretty goth.

It’s my favorite Stephen King loving Canadian, who just so happened to be Xena’s trainer, Symbeline!
Time to celebrate anshit. Grab a beer or a carton of cigarettes.

Congratulations! * fondles *


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Way to go Symbeline!

You bring a certain fantastical, imaginative eye to the collective. It is a delight to have you swimming among us.

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Way to go Symb :)

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Hang up some maple leaves and break out the Molson’s!
cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs on moving in to the TEN KAY mansion!
Now, onward to 20K, eh?

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Congrats to you!!!! and it happened on a Sunday! :)

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Congratulations and Happy 10K Day, @Symbeline!

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Pillow fight in the mansion!! THWACK!!

Congrats on the 10 grand!! Fun stuff!!

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Yay! Way to go, “Chainsaw” :-)

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(Insert Xena call here.) How does one spell that?

Congrats! You are another one of my favorite, newer jellies.

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Congratualtions, @Symbeline!

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Well Done!!!

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Congrats, @Symbeline, a well deserved achievement! I actually thought you had reached it long ago, guess I was wrong. Congratulations once again!

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Congratulations!!! (I offer you my hand to shake. Actually, here have the whole hand – om nom nom nom!)

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Ah, someone else with nothing better to do. Well done.

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How frickin awesome! Congrats!

Now, go do a bunch of random, tedious tasks in a video game and bring me back all the items you collect along the way. :)

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Congratulations! Way to go!

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Congrats! :D

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Yay! Congratulations! This is for your cake.

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CONGRATS Symbeline !!!

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I took a beer to celebrate.
Congratz @Symbeline!!

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Hey, excellent. Our favorite scary movie fan hits the mansion. Get out the sheets out to soak up the blood that’s going to be spilled. :)

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This slurpees for you kiddo! ;-)

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Yeee Haaawww!!!!! Anyone who has this much interest in Zombies is a friend of mine! Congrats! WTG!!! and Great Googlie Wooglie!

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I forget how this works. Oh yeah, congratulations on 10k.

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Oh so that“s what it feels like to hit ten kay, haha.

I’ll cut the speech thing short, and say that I’m delightfully surprised at the number of references and things that pertain to things I like. It feels pretty cool that like, you know, people here know me, and even some older posts I made. Maybe I’ll take it more seriously next time when the subjects of online communities arise. Or I’ll probbaly just talk about zombies, but you know how I feel.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Arigatou. :)

@janbb It’s a good place to swim. Thanks. :)

@FutureMemory Bring more cops! :D

@AstroChuck Congrats on 30 k. That must have taken a lot of Molson’s and bacon to do. :D

@knitfroggy Indeed, a good reason not to sleep in too late today. :D

@aprilsimnel Trips over her own whip Thanks. :)

@Cruiser Allows self to be hit with pillows and does nothing to defend. Wee soft. XD Thank you. :)

@syz Merci. :)

@HungryGuy Hahaha, thank you. I miss that old username. XD

@tinyfaery You spell it like…well, probably a lot of O’s and consonants. I have no idea. XD But thank you much. :)

Thanks, @marinelife :D

@Seaofclouds Gracias. :)

@Lightlyseared I do my best. XD Thanks.

@mangeons Likewise, welcome to 5K. :) Guess I’m late. XD (I like your username. XD )

@jjmah W00t flesh eating party! Take that, humanity. Thanks. :)

@Blondesjon Indeed. :D Here’s to more non constructivism. Cheers! :)

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Omg that cake is total epic, I love it. And yeah I’ll bring you back everything. I don’t wanna use it, I just like finding it all. Steals your wallet Thank you. :)

@lucillelucillelucille Licks Thanks. :D

@wilma Thanks yo. :D

@le_inferno bows Thankees. :)

@limina That’s too awesome. :D Thanks. Cake and zombies, this will be one busy chainsaw.

@bvdshec17 THANKS :D

@rebbel Omg Grolsch. That’s some damn fine beer. :)

@Adirondackwannabe That, and guts and brains and pea soup. :D Thank you.

@Coloma Hahaha nice. XD Thanks. :)

@filmfann The world could be unified through zombie love. Thank you. :)

@ucme Thanks. Goes to answer all your questions because they’re always awesome, and usually about movies. :D

@Dr_C Curtseys Thanks. :)

@zenele I’m starting to forget too…but thanks. :D

@Vunessuh Thank you. I totally love the details part, and the tags lol. It’s complete epic, and now I feel all horny because you were thinking about me. :D Thanks for being my uber total Fluther friend. :D

Now then people, please forgive the parade of emoticons, and more than that, my constant bitching on here. But it’s what I am, and thanks for accepting it.

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@Symbeline Blood, guts, and class. Very nice.

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Sym Sym bo Bim…....Banana na fo Fana

I never loved zOmbies before I came to fluther.


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@jazmina88 Welcome to zombie fanhood. :D And thank you.

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Yeeeow! This girl rocks! Congratulations! Anytime you want to add a reliable non-spaz to your group, I’m your girl. I’m a good shot and you can count on me NOT to wig out and endanger the group. (I have other attributes that we can put to good use in-between blasting zombies back to hell, ask V!) Welcome to the manor!

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Congrats :) YAYAYAY. I can’t believe you just got to 10k. You should have been there a long while ago (cuz you’re aweeeesome) :DDDDDDDD

party party party party tiiiiimeeeeeeeee

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Congrats @Symbeline !

Enjoy your day!

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My cleavage congratulates you! <cracks whip>

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Oh wow awesome job!!!!

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@Trillian We can always use someone with your attributes to combat the merciless undead. And now I’m all interested in those other attributes. :D

@chels Thank you.I approve of a party time. Cheers. :)

@BoBo1946 Oh that I shall. Thanks. :)

@augustlan I bow in thanks to your cleavage. :D

@IBERnineD Thanks. I try not to disappoint. XD

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yay, congrats!!

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10,000 zombies in the grave
10,000 dead zombies
Dig one up
And chase it around
9,999 zombies in the grave

9,999 zombies in the grave
9,999 dead zombies
Dig one up
And chase it around…


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So quickly. Like a super goth ninja. FUCK YEAH! Congrat’s.

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Congrats! XD

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Bienvenue au La Manse, “Tronconneuse” !! Have a Labatts. The rules here are fairly simple; we check you for weapons at the door and if you don’t have one, we’ll give you one. Got your six, sweetheart! ;^P

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@casheroo Thanks. blows into one of those party things

@cprevite Lol nice. How about this one?
Dead men dead men, hanging in a tree, how many dead men do you see? Faces blue and skin gone gray, watch them as they swing and sway.

@judochop Arigatou Judochop san. But there is always much to learn, and I- trips Oh man…XD

@bob_ Thanks! XD

@YARNLADY ***Thanks!*** And cool, the Xena yoddle, classic. :) I should have known it was ayiyiyiyiyi, after all this time of practicing it…

@stranger_in_a_strange_land I always got weapons…but I am curious to see what you guys got. And haha Tronconneuse, sweet. :D

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Wow!!! Congrats!!!
(raises glass)

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Good work, Chainsaw!

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Congratulations to a very interesting person!

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Congratulations Symbeline! Keep on lurvin’!

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Your room is set up like the set of the haunted mansion and overlooks the cemetery. :D

Time to Party!!!

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The 10k house has it really going on. All the way to HELL! ;-)


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@loser Thanks. Empties glass :D

@Arisztid I forgot how to say thank you in Roma, but yeah, thankees. :)

@MissAusten It’s nice being you’re interesting, thank you. :)

@erichw1504 Oh that I will, thanks. :)

@Doctor_D Thank you. :)

@Dog Hell yeah, the best kinda room ever! Everyone’s invited. :D

@ChazMaz And there ain’t no going back! Thank you. :)

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Great job @Symbeline, congrats :-)

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Nicely done Symbeline

please don’t eat me

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Nice to know Fluther has someone around to protect the collective from zombies.

Congrats on 10K. You deserve it.

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A big congratulations and cheers to you Symbeline, very well deserved for sure!!

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@Symbeline – Weapon? You want to see my, er, weapon? Well, I have a BFG-9000 and a gravity gun.

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@OreetCocker Thank you. :)

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Thanks. and you know you want to be eaten by me. :D

@Buttonstc The only reaosn I exis is to destroy zombies. And post about them on Fluther. :D

@forestGeek Thank you. :)

@HungryGuy Ooooh gutter minded references; I thank thee. :)

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!! looc agem ,agig ,aret ,atep ,axe ,attez ,attoy os si sihT

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