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Why is different on the iphone?

Asked by Lushum (30points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

its different now why!!!!

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can’t you have the way it was????

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Why does it automatically take you to the myspace mobile instead of the regular myspace page now on the Iphone ?

Quoting from that page:

“if your still having trouble getting to myspace and around myspace mobile….

try this

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I wished it looked more like Facebook’s layout.

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Should’ve been on the Facebook boat!

<—facebooker :D

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myspace is evil!

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because i fone uses a special software 4 myspace!!!!

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its not special software, its just that when myspace sees the iphone browser connecting to myspace, it reroutes you to the myspace mobile, which is easier on the data because it doesnt load a lot of images, so it takes less time to load

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