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What do you do when you're feeling nostalgic?

Asked by vampmoore (445points) July 18th, 2010

These last couple days I’ve been feeling really nostalgic, thinking about games I used to play when I was a kid, places I used to go, things I thought were the height of “cool”, and music I used to listen to. So I got on the internet and started looking this stuff up. I came across the boy band *Nsync (who I was practically obsessed with in my preteen and early teenage years), and started listening to all their old songs. Made me feel all warm and bubbly inside.

So I was wondering what you’d do if you started having flash backs of your younger, more innocent times? (or wild, crazy, illegal partying times?)

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I enjoy thinking about good times in the past, but I don’t usually do anything special.

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Look at old photographs.

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Have a couple of fingers of Makers Mark.

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I love searching YouTube for old TV intros, songs from my youth, even old TV ads. They really do feed my nostalgia for the seventies, when I was a mere lad.

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@vampmoore A very nice Kentucky bourbon.

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I like looking through my old photo albums and listening to my CDs. I still have all of the CDs I had as a teenager and even some cassette tapes from when I was younger.

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When I’m feeling nostalgic, I call an old friend or family member, and if he or she is available, treat for lunch or dinner. I find it both fun and cathartic to reminisce with people who share my past.

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I don’t feel nostalgic very often, I am a very much live in the present type.
About the only thing I ever feel nostalgic about is in the fall when school starts, reminds of those precious days when my daughter ( now almost 23 ) was a little girl.

I miss being a mommy!

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My brother just sent me a few cds of music we listened to as kids.He made me nostalgic.I had no choice.;)

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I enjoy the brief video playing in my head or the flashback. Then I return to the present.

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I listen to Chrono Trigger music.

Man I’m so old, haha.

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@Symbeline I love Chrono Trigger. I pull out the game and play it every now and then.

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I’m playing the DS version currently. I owned both the Snes original and the PS port, but lost those years ago.
Anyway yeah, this game is the apex of awesome.

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I’ll go on YouTube and look up pop culture stuff from my childhood. Old episodes of Match Game are a particular favourite. I understood some of the double entendres as a child, but now know who was of what proclivity in those days, it makes watching those old shows funnier now!

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I open my memoir program and add as much as I can remember, sometime the memories feed each other and I get a lot of work done.

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I do the Youtube thing.

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I say, “Hah. I feel so nostalgic.” :D

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