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Could you live in a doll house?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) July 18th, 2010

Is this guy crazy, or is he the shape of things to come?

Check out this new lifestyle.

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No.It would get stuck on my head.

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It’s not a doll house, in my opinion – it’s a small house that can be moved and taken along with – it is a more sustainable option and it makes sense for this man. We have kids and need a bit more space but I think it’s great for him.

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I don’t think he’s crazy. I like having smaller places. I don’t think I could be comfortable in something that small, but it seems to work well for him.

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I don’t understand why he didn’t just buy an RV or a Mobile Home Trailer. That’s essentially what he has built.

Even housetrucks have been around for years.

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I love it!

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I love the idea of tiny spaces.

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We have checked into the “Small Houses” for a vacation home, and also as “granny flat”.

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I think it it charming and practical; I would like to give half my house away, if I could think of a method. However, I do wonder about making a king-sized bed in a loft that is the size of a king-sized bed.

And he must live in a warm climate because his water tank, heater is outside. He does not mention where or how he does his laundry, either.

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I prefer small homes.

My house is quite small, I call it my ‘mousehouse’ lol

Cute, cozy, efficient.

2 bedrooms, one bath, big deck on 5 acres.

I do have a good sized garage and laundry zone.

I turn my deck into an outdoor living room from about May to Oct. and practically live out there all summer.

I no longer have any need or desire to maintain a big home.

Small bungalow house with acreage is my ideal.

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The idea of small houses
is not new. Many people yearn for them. These examples are a tad bigger than Jay Shafer’s little bijou.

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I could totally do it. Except for storms.. I’d be completely paranoid about being blown away.
Oh you guys.. this is totally not healthy for me. I’m about to become obsessed with these houses. I think I might need one.. haha

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That “house” is bigger than my first apartment. Seriously however, I have thought of living like that. A real small hut, shack or something out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe after all the bad things that are supposed to happen in the year 2012 (like the solar storm) we may all have to live like that.

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Oh sure. I do not need much space anyway.

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I agree with @RealEyesRealizeRealLies . If I was going to live in something that small it better have wheels.

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I love it, but wouldn’t be practical for me. I want to have a family someday and we’d need the space. Seems like these houses are ideal for a single person.
I also wonder about his plumbing… I guess he could just go in the woods, but what about showering, laundry, etc?

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I could, easily. I have lived in apartments smaller than that and in tents.

My cousin lived in a tiny travel trailer for most of her life, and raised her son in it as well. She just recently moved in with her dad to care for him.

My sister lived in a pop-up camper for many years, with two active, growing children, until they were middle school age.

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Check out the gypsy caravans, which are charming, although without plumbing.

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Hah! I love them!

I want one!

And..a Yurt and a Teepee and a sweat lodge and a railroad car…I’m at no loss for creative extra dwelling ideas! lol

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@Coloma: In your neck of the woods, a Yurt and a sweat lodge would be interchangeable.

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There is the coolest Teepee made of cedar bark in the local state park,
I am determined to build one like that someday and use it for a little reading hide away.

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What about a sweet little tree house?

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I love tree houses! but perhaps you already knew that!

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How could I have forgotten that!

A treehouse for cats! That would be so fun to create!

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@wilma: I hope that that is in your yard and used by you.

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There are also dozens of hits on tree house designs.

Here’s one;

And check out these photos

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I could live in a cardboard box and be happy,I think he is brilliant!

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Rofl of course. If your 8 inches tall. However, I think he is insane, I live in a good sized one floor home and I hate it. SOoooooo not even big enough for me, personally. So, no. :D

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By myself yes. With anyone else no. I really like the idea of living without excess, I don’t know if I am zen enough to do it, though

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Yeah “Pass the Shuggah Honey… Oh! I’m sittin’ onnit”

Where you been Daisy? So lost withoutcha I even accused somebody else of being you the other day. Was it you?

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Wasn’t me. I wonder who it was?
you know, I always have to come back to see what you’re doing

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