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Coolest of the Internet under $20?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) July 18th, 2010

Hey Guys-
I am a teen who will soon be receiving my first pay check. To celebrate I have decided I will set aside $20 of my earnings for something fun I will order from the internet.

What is the most fun or cool item that can be found on the internet for under $20

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It depends on what you consider cool. The things that I find to be the most fun aren’t under $20.

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Check out ODAT sites like or and keep an eye out for something fun.

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If you were REALLY smart you could probably put something like this together with used legos/parts bought online. I think it’s among the most awesome things ever created (right up there with penicillin).

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@gorillapaws That was a great video. I wish I was smart enough to figure out all the programming aspects of that to make one.

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You can find 1,000’s of items on ebay.

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Find and buy stock in something or a company you can relate to. Just buy one share or how ever many and frame it! It will be a nice Momento of your big achievement in your life. Might even be worth something down the road!

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You could buy a penny and pay for shipping.

Check out, but be warned, awesome stuff galore.

Really though, $20 on the Internet is damn near nothing. I spent $200 in 10 minutes in thinkgeek, including shipping and still had to pay when I picked up my order.

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