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Are there any prisons where you can rent a room for the night?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) July 18th, 2010

Or better yet, space for a whole boy scout troop to camp out?

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Are you talking about a prison in current operation? or one that has been closed down?

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It’s in New Zealand, though. It might help if you tell us where you are looking….

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Okay I know this is a question and not an answer but can’t resist. Curious as to why a boys scout trout would want to camp out in prison instead of in nature.

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I think there would be something highly illegal about that. I know they could get some educational tour. But that would be so dangerous. So many liability issues.

I being incarcerated, fell out of a top bunk…they let me out in 8 to 11 hours instead of 36 because I was a lamb that would have been eaten alive.

I know it would teach a good lesson, but sometimes the best lesson is true experience.

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Probably a closed-down prison, @gorillapaws. I’m mainly looking in the USA. Motivation would include expanded knowledge of others and lifestyles, developing some sympathy, understanding and a healthy fear of the penal system, having a safe but still scary weekend to talk about, possibly coordinating for a halloween theme, etc.

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You can have all night tours at the now closed prison in WV called Moundsville Prison.
I did that tour one night and it was fun and spooky. They do start a halloween tour in October, but the overnight tours are all year, I think. moundsville penitentiary tours info
PM me if you want to know more about the tour from my perspective.

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Fascinating idea! I don’t, but I’d love to hear what comes of it. Why not consider an alternate route such as contacting the state prison system directly and asking about a prison in your area where your troop could put on a program (e.g., music or drama) for a prison audience? There may even be arranged tours with purposes such as you have in mind—thinking of the “scared straight” deterrent programs I’ve heard about.

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This is the only place I can think of which MIGHT be willing to accomodate a Boy Scout troop camping out. It’s certainly worth an inquiry to them.

The only reason I’m thinking they might be willing to make an exception is because it is an official Historical Landmark. They do various educational programs all year long and would definitely fit in with your purpose for the trip.

If the overnight stay request is denied you could also look into the hosteling organizations for overnight sleeping and go to the prison for the tours and programs there during the day.
Public Trans. is plentiful in Philly and the prison is just a short bus ride away.
I know that AYH has a really nice spacious house up in Chamounix Mansion in Fairmount Park which accomodates groups and the rates are really reasonable compared to hotels or motels or something and the Scouts would enjoy the grounds there.

If you go during the month of October, there is also the Terror Behind The Walls tour at night which is like a haunted house type of program.

But they do have regular educational programs all year long and I’m sure would welcome a Scout troop.

This lists the locations and pertinent info for hostels. You don’t need to make reservations through the main site but can contact each property individually. I’ve stayed at the one in Fairmount park several years ago. Spacious building and property and cool friendly staff.

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@mponochie…i am with you. If i was a boy scout i would want to go camping and make some hobo pies…....not spend the night in prison at least not till i was 18 or so…..but if there were any prison i m sorry i couldnt tell you. I know there are though stateside in fact i think taps did a show in one in the philly area…well sorry i could help any more but good searching

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Never looked into this for a vacation. I probably wouldn’t even let my little scout attend.

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If in the Los Angeles area, you may be able to work something out with the Los Angeles Police Historical Society. Great authentic jail facility as well as an entire museum including helicopters, cars, motorcycles, equipment, uniforms, classic pictures, etc.

Also, there was a historic jail in Venice Beach that was an Art Gallery for a while. I don’t know if the cages are still there now though.

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