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What are some foods that hit all of the basic tastes?

Asked by phaedryx (6118points) July 18th, 2010

By basic tastes, I mean savoriness, saltiness, sweetness, sourness, and bitterness.


An example food would be ketchup. The common ingredients of ketchup are:

tomatoes – savoriness
vinegar – sourness
corn syrup – sweetness
salt – saltiness
natural flavors – bitterness

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Most Thai dishes are by design supposed to hit all the basic tastes. Examples would be Crispy Fish with Tamarind Sauce, Red or green curries, Tom Gat soup, etc.

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Salsa… It can be sweet, sour, sharp, hot, or mild. Or, all of the above.

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Yeah a good curry hits all those flavours. Also certain Chinese foods, especially if they have a sweet and sour element.

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Actually, you already gave the preeminent example. I’ve heard that various food taste engineers feel that Ketchup is the world’s most balanced tasting “food”. May be rumor, as I cannot support what I have heard.

My choice?

Ale and chips. (potato chips – preferably BBQ or sea salt)

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I try to incorporate sweet, sour, salty and hot into everything I cook. It gives it the umphhhhh factor. I use a little raw sugar or palm sugar, a hit of some kind of vinegar usually balsamic or else lime or lemon, salty is usually fish sauce, soy or veggie salt and hot is chilies and sirracha. I even have it on my cereal in the morning. :-)

So to answer your question, any food prepared in rooeytoo’s kitchen.

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Pizza with every topping. Different types of chinese dishes. Homemade Bar-b-que.

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