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What is the biggest creature that you have killed?

Asked by rebbel (28644points) July 18th, 2010

And what was the reason you killed it/had to kill it?
What was the sensation that you had (if any) when you did so?
Is there a difference in how you feel killing an ant as opposed to, say, a deer?

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Rabbit ran across the path of my car and got crunched. Felt bad but it was unavoidable.

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I think the biggest I killed was a bird. I ran it over with my car. I really tried not to hit it and felt absolutely horrible when I did. It made a horrible popping noise that still haunts me sometimes.

I think there is a difference between killing bugs and animals just to get rid of them and killing a deer to eat it. I don’t mind killing animals in order to eat their meet and provide for my family (though I have yet to do so). Most bugs I try not to kill. I will kill a poisonous spider if one is in my house or garage, but that is more for our protection (we have brown recluses here).

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I have never killed anything above insect level.

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A bird that flew into my windshield. I beat up on myself for days.

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Same as @ragingloli. And I’m too afraid to kill any insects or arachnids that are too big. :\

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kyaaaaa! so cute!

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Animal: Hog
Reason: Hog killing time
Ant vs deer: If pigs and hogs are raised for food, then the death if the animal is a significant part of the equation. My goal was to do it quickly and as kindly as possible. At hog killing time, there can be as many as 20 in a day depending upon available help. I have dispatched and cleaned deer (and rabbits and grouse and other game), but the hog was, by far, the biggest.

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Uh.. probably, an earth worm? I’d probably cry if I killed a not-bug (on accident). D: And I’d feel weird about killing big bugs (like a tarantula or something).

I don’t drive so I never get into these fatal(for the poor animal) kinds of accidents.

I squish small spiders on sight though. No way I’m letting them turn into big spiders in my room. =I

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A rabbit, accidentally. I hit it with my car. I was by myself on a lonely road, and the blow hurt it badly but didn’t kill it. It was obviously very badly hurt. I didn’t have the heart to leave it, but it took me 15 minutes to get up the nerve to make myself drive over it again and kill it. I hated it. There was no other way I could think of to do it.

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When I was little I was playing outside, and what do I hear, a cat fighting with something. I went around and saw a cat fucking up a crow. When it saw me the cat left, and the crow was sitting there with its entrails torn out. It kind of looked like thick spaghetti noodles with pasta. The crow was screaming like a maniac, all this disturbed me, and most of all, I couldn’t bear to hear that thing scream as it did, so I stomped on it with my foot until it was dead.
I kinda freaked out, but I’m not using that to justify anything.

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I’ve killed a few insects before. I wouldn’t want to again – I’d prefer to just leave them crawling or scoop them up and bring them outdoors.
@Symbeline I think you did the poor thing a favour there. Same to @netgrrl

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For me it is also ants and flies and other little critters that i accidentally killed.
When i was a young boy i smashed some wasps and the likes on purpose though, and didn’t feel that bad about it.
Only when i realized that they have the same rights as i have to live i couldn’t anymore kill any creature purposely.
About two years ago there was this pussycat who was dragging her back legs along with her and i thought she was suffering a great deal so i was considering to kill it on the spot to take her out of her misery.
The thought of it alone made me physically sick, and i cowardly decided against it.
A few days later she was walking around as if she never had had troubled hind legs.
That felt strange, to see her alive while i had for a second thought that i could play the decider over her being dead or alive.
@all, thanks for your honoust answers!
@Symbeline and @netgrrl , you are two brave women!

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Just bugs.
I’m highly allergic to bites so I’ll kill any bugs that might attack- it’s either that or I get an extremely itchy bump the size of a walnut.
But I’m also afraid of bugs, especially spiders, so that’s definitely a contributing factor. I also kill them if we have an ant infestation or something. It’s actually an indirect killing half of the time because I make somebody else do it for me. I won’t get anywhere near big ones if I can avoid it.

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@rebbel You’re right – we’re all sharing this planet. We simply don’t have the right to kill any other creature.

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I’ve had to eliminate various rodents that took up residence in my kitchen.

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I hit a pheasant.It wasn’t pleasant :(

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A centipede that had a billion legs. I killed it because they scare me and I don’t like them.
The sensation upon killing it? Sheer euphoria.

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That would be a gigapede.

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I have had my share of road kill episodes…but it was a dog I tried to save who was trapped against the divider wall on a local expressway. Poor thing was just running and scared. I pulled over and opened my car door to let it in…he looked at me, smiled and took off running and bolted through a gap in the wall and was creamed by oncoming traffic. I felt like I scared him away and it was my fault he got killed.

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Awww sincerely.

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I killed a bird. A cardinal.

Rather, it committed suicide on my windshield.

I had to pull off of the road because I was crying so hysterically. I don’t like to kill anything. Not even bugs – and I am absolutely terrified of bugs.

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@Cruiser NO, not your fault. You did a good thing, or tried to.

There was a woman here who did the same thing, but when the dog ran out, she did too. The dog made it. She did not.

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TWO squirrels this month!! Terrible.

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I caught an 8” trout when I was about 12. My father cooked it for my supper. He was full of praise for my first catch. That’s the last time I went fishing.

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Well, at least you aren’t exaggerating…
Or does 8’’ mean 8 feet?

Did your father killed it first?
I am asking because when i was about ten years old i went fishing with my twin friends and their father and we (not me, i never catch a thing) caught some fishes.
When we came back to their house, their father threw the fishes (carp breams) in a pot and cooked them.
That was so disturbing to witness.

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The trout was eight inches long. When I landed it with my fishing line, my father whacked it on the head, so in truth I guess I didn’t actually kill it myself.

If you don’t count the trout, then my answer would have to be some minor insect. I can’t stand to kill the ones that are big enough to crunch. But mostly I avoid killing anything, and big bugs in the house (crane fly, moth, daddy-long-legs, the occasional bee) get escorted safely out. On the whole I treat spiders very gently. The only ones I slaughter wholesale are ants.

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If there is an insect or spider in my house and I can’t easily get it out, I kill it.
I have accidentally hit with my vehicle; raccoons, possums, skunks, woodchucks, muskrats, squirrels, rabbits, small rodents, chickens and wild birds. The pheasant wrecked the grill of my car and the turkey did too.
I hit and killed cat once but I don’t think I’ve ever hit a dog.
I have purposely killed a skunk and a bat. I didn’t want to, but the skunk was in a trap and I had no other choice. I did it as humanely as possible. The bat had to be tested for rabies because it had been on my face and in my hair. I had to get some help to kill that one.
I don’t like killing anything, but when you live in a rural area, it can be hard to avoid.

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The biggest animal that I ever intentionally killed was a deer. I had a truck vs. moose incident about 12 years ago: Unimog 1, Bullwinkle 0 (if I’d been driving a car, the final would have been 1–1).

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I guess I didn’t really answer the question, sorry, I think the biggest was the raccoon, he or she had a couple of babies with her too. I was very sad and it bothered me a lot. Although the cat was the one I felt the most sorrow for. I have had to stop several times after hitting an animal, and pull myself together. And boy did that turkey ever make a mess! he flew right into the front of my car as I came around a corner, it was a young bird and not too big, as turkeys go. : (

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A trout. I was on a fishing trip with my boss and a client. I reeled it in and let it suffocate. I guess it was ~30 lbs. I didn’t feel anything about it at the time, except that I hated fishing. Maybe I was the only woman out there with a bunch of guys playing butch.

I’ve never gone fishing again.

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Bugs – but even then, if I find them in my house or car, I try to toss them outside first. Even aggressive bees I’ll try to spray with hair spray, knock ‘em into a paper cup and deposit them outside.

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@cprevite But what about those darn centipedes? They really don’t deserve to live do they?

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A fly. It’s been so annoying, buzzing all over my kitchen, so I felt so good when I killed it. :)

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Probably like, a fly or something. But seriously, I avoid killing anything costs. I just whine and have someone else do it.

There’s a spiiiiiderrr in my rooooooom. Can you come killllll itt please!! Ahhhhhh. HURRY UP IT’S CLIMBING DOWN THE WALLLLLLL EW EW EW EW EW EW E WEFSDJFKJSDHF ::squeal::

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I killed a beetle once under my shoe. It was gross and felt like.. breaking a pecan under my shoe.

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This northern pike two years ago. Definitely not a record breaker, but the fight to reel it in was very exhilarating. It was pretty tasty too!

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I have ran over one squirrel and one skunk and a little bird. :-(

The skunk RUINED my car for days, blech!

My ex husband killed a Bobcat years ago that was killing our chickens.
Terribly sad, the most beautiful cat.

Otherwise only some ants and a few wasps.
I don’t kill anything that I can avoid.

I have been very lucky with the deer scene in my area, have had some close calls but no hits…it’s a miracle!

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Oh, including roadkill I’ve hit an opossum once. And a duck. (don’t ask)

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Oh crap!

How could I forget!

I backed over my goose Maybelline in the driveway a few years ago. I was devastated! Ack…I had almost forgotten. Snif snif.

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Once I was cycling and a blackbird flew right into my front wheel. I heard the crunch but I never saw what actually happened to it. I stopped and went back to find the body but I never found it. I tried to convince myself that it was ok and had flown away but I really don’t think so. I don’t drive and I don’t hunt so there’s never been anything bigger.

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According to multiple nuns: My Potential

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@Coloma How awful about Maybelline…big time bummer!

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Thank you all, Jellies!

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Holy christ, I just had the feeling of someone stepping on my grave. I realized what I’ve killed over the years. I was pretty cold until my mid twenties. I’ve killed a lot of things, including cows, pigs, sheep, deer, chickens, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks, not to even think about the roadkill. I feel like crap about it now, but back then, it wasn’t much to me.

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I forgot about murdering our new KITTEN. I felt I needed hospitalization afterwards; I was devastated! Confession: we had him about a week. I ran outside and jumped into the car to go shopping; he had WANTED TO GO for some reason; I never knew cats liked CAR RIDES? So evidently he jumped up to the seat and I slammed the door on his neck. Oh; I drove into town in tears and on the way ran over a squirrel THEN locked myself out of the car at the store. I can’t talk anymore.

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@Aster sad. I’m so sorry! :-(

I know, nothing like killing your own pet…gawd!

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@Coloma Thanks, Coloma.

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There is no leash law in the rural area where I live. I killed my neighbor’s pit bull by stabbing it with a steak knife. My other neighbor is a blind woman who is a musical prodigy. She had a cute and sweet jack russel named Mozart. The pit bull roamed over to her house and killed it. The police were contacted but didn’t do shit. I few days later I heard a commotion. My big dogs live outside and were barking. My mom had let her chihuahua out in the backyard to pee and play for a bit. I went outside and saw the pit bull attacking my mom’s chihuahua Toto. The pit was friendly and liked people. I whistled and the pit came over to me. Then I stabbed him in the abdomen and he ran off. After that he ran to his home and died. The pit’s owner was angry and asked around but everyone told him the dog deserved it. I love dogs and hate that I had to do that but you can’t let your dog just roam around in other people’s yard killing their animals.

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@buster OMG!! Do u have guts or what??? Very, very few people could do that.

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I don’t believe in killing things. Except fleas. Oh! And mosquitoes :D

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I’ve got a question for all the people that don’t believe in killing animals…How do you like your steak? ;)

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@jonsblond GA. I like my steak mediun rare. I understand the killing of animals for food. I just used to do it way too casually. Now I say a little prayer if I have to do it.

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There is a massive difference between killing animals for food and killing animals for fun/sport/on a whim/out of disgust, so stop implying hypocrisy where there is none. :D

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@ragingloli I know the difference. Just having a little fun. :)

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