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What would you call someone who is the opposite of Golden?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 18th, 2010

I commented on a reference I saw in a thread, regarding Flutherites who are “Golden”
Some people are obviously not comfortable with the discussion, and a few doth protest too much methinks. But that aside, maybe the problem is one of fairness. Maybe there should be a name for the “Not Golden” referring to those who are likely to get modded. Like the Sweathogs on Welcome Back Kotter. Any suggestions?

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You can be the first.

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Sign me up!

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“Hey,You!” ;)

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Technically on the color wheel the opposite of yellow or gold is purple.

So I say call them Amethyst.

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The Tarnished?

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Lets just make it simple and call everyone Jellies!

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The Pyrites?
The Dross?

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Seriously, there is no golden group. Whether you want to believe it or not. Are you really that upset because you were modded? Was there something in particular you felt should have been modded and it wasn’t? If so, did you flag it? What’s with this sudden obsession about a non-existent group someone mentioned as a joke?

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Les Misérables.

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@bob_ laff owt loudz ’‘takes off with all your bread’’ :D

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@Symbeline Hey, get back here! Monsieur Gendarme! Aidez-moi!


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@bob_ Fuck le gendarme, il est trop occupé à volé des portefeuilles pour m’arreter!

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@Symbeline He’s too busy stealing wallets? I knew you couldn’t trust the French! Bunch o’ wine-drinking commies.

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They’re worse than commies.

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I gotta say, that’s pretty funny.

Response moderated
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George W Bush!

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@BoBo1946 Not bad. I just might start referring to a non-Golden Flutherite as “a Bush”

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a tar ball

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I bet many of them are Black Sabbath fans.

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Possibly it’s an alchemist thing…

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Methinks this is a very artificial and meaningless concept.

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This again?

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@FutureMemory…..Hey, I resemble that statement yeah, and I was there and can prove it…..I’m in the clip at 1:45….see me?....I’m the 19 y.o. with all the hair…..ok, if I must, I’ll dig out my ticket stub
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Cool clip Gary, I bet you had fun :)

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@whatthefluther Phish lyric “I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand”

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@dpworkin is someone that freely admits to being the most modded ‘golden’ out there.

So let them be named that, in honor.

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@Keysha: Please, no. Don’t complicate things even further. And we still don’t know who “them” are. That implies an “us”. which is a very divisive concept.

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A severed head wrapped in golden paper is still a severed head.

I vote for the Brackish Undertow.

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