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Do you like buttons?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) July 18th, 2010

Tell the truth, did you secretly lust after that jar of buttons on your great aunt’s shelf?

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My grandmother had big jars of buttons, yes, they were fun to pour out and sort through.
Her old dolls were creepy though. lol

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I remember my grandpa having dinosaur skull replicas all over his bedroom, as well as things like miniature totems and weird African masks. It used to amaze and marvel me. When we visited him he used to sleep on the couch so that I could sleep in his bed and admire all that stuff as I fell asleep.

I’ve no real interest in buttons, and I bloody hate having to sow them back on.

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Maybe I’m unusual, but since I was young, when I’ve seen a jar of buttons, I wondered about the stories the buttons would tell if they could. Each kind of button tells a story about what garment it was once sewn onto, who wore that garment, and where they wore it to. Some are so soft and delicate, some are hard and cold. They can be plastic, metal, bone, leather. I bought some metal military jacket buttons on a trip to China. They’re not very friendly, but they’re wonderfully interesting.

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@GeorgeGee For sure. Every button probably does have a good story. :)

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I was in Taiwan in March, I only brought back marble rocks and lanterns and tea. lol

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I do have a small button collection, yes.

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Gah, I love buttons. My children have picked up this button-love, too, and regularly talk me out of the coolest ones in my small collection. Those boogers. :/

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They’re alright i suppose, haha. I’m not THAT fascinated with them though, i’d probably want to take all the cute buttons but i’d have no idea what to do with them. I don’t think my gran has a jar of buttons anyway…

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When I was a child my grandma had a big tin of buttons, like Danish Sugar Cookies come in at Christmas. It was full of buttons and thimbles and other small notions. I used to look in that tin and run my hands thru the buttons whenever I could get away with it. When she had a piece of clothing that was going in the trash she would cut the buttons off and drop them in that box. When I was in middle school I made a bracelet out of some of her buttons and a piece of elastic. To this day I still love to pick thru that button box.

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As strange as this may sound…, my father gets physically sick when he sees a stray button lying around.
The same goes for elastic-/rubber bands.
He has no idea, he says, where that phobia comes from.
I like buttons.

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There is no accounting for some bizarre phobis, haha

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I like pressing buttons.

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When you do your ironing, you should press just the shirt and avoid pressing the buttons. ;D

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