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Are there questions on fluther you wouldnt ask your earthly friends?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 18th, 2010

hiding behind the internet, we can be freer to ask what is really on our minds. Now if some of your friends got on fluther and saw your questions, would they be hurt a) that you didnt share with them b) that you really are feeling that way!!! c) do you care??

I need to know. I feel a little guilty and dirty sometimes.

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I don’t have any friends that aren’t from Earth.

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Nope. Everything I ask or say here I would say or ask the people in my life outside of Fluther.

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It’s best to strive for an integrated life.

Why not square up on your earthly friends and ask them one of your questions and see if they are really your friends or not.

Phfft – the best part of having great friends is being able to ask them anything. Indeed I would ask my friends stuff I would never type into a public website.

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@AstroChuck Dont worry, if we ever get invaded by aliens, I’ll say you are with me. :)

What about relationship questions, or the fact your hubby doesnt like to be healthy, well, I’m sure Aster’s hubby knows how frustrated she is.

The should I stay or should I go??

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No – but in limited quantities.

If I discussed religion and politics in real life as much as I do here, I don’t think I’d have many “earthly friends” left.

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Yes, and there are questions here that I would not post.

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Other people ask, I answer, for the most part.

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Most of my friends, here and in RL (but the distinction gets hazier as the years go by on fluther) are otherwordly, but then they wouldn’t understand the fluther humour and my questions would probably be “wasted” on them.

E.g., I wouldn’t get together with the boys watching a basketball game and ask them my latest; what the ideal number of boobs on a girl is, or, what do you think of the bearded lady model?

Actually, I might… just for a laugh. Like I said, hazier and hazier…

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Nope. I’m pretty much exactly the same here as I am in ‘real life’.

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No, as i’m an open book! What you see, is what you get anywhere!

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No. I post no questions nor answer anyone else’s that I wouldn’t ask/answer in person. The only difference is, I usually don’t get “Good Answer” credit in daily life.

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Do these pants make me look fat?

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My private question is not part of others(included my best friends) business. I don’t like if my friends know too much about me.

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I don’t really know. I think perhaps I might have changed some questions if people I knew in real life were here, but I’ve made it pretty certain that no one does know I’m here. Then again, I don’t ask some questions here, or anywhere.

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I Like “guilty and dirty”... Sometimes.

I have to live with my earth friends. I can be pretty open with them.
But, somethings are better left to all you crazies.

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Sometimes it is more comfortable to discuss intimate issues with people whose feelings would not be entangled with the questioner’s life.

When you ask someone close to you, they try to get inside your head to figure out about whom your question refers.

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ummm…back in my younger days….forget it, better not go there!

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You all get the lion’s share of my ranting and raving. I’m a great deal more conventional and/or quiet IRL when it comes to certain topics and ideas. There just isn’t the room or interest.

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My roomate may get pissed off, but she can kiss my ass.

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Most of my questions I would ask true friends. But there are a few I wouldnt ask anyone I knew in real life haha.

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