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Do you know any endangered/extinct plants that can ameliorate/cure diseases?

Asked by frigate1985 (927points) July 19th, 2010 from iPhone

I read about a plant called “Periwinkle” that is useful in treating cancer. Do you know any other plants that can cure diseases or at least help make the patient feel better? It’d be better if it’s endangered or extinct.. Thx :)

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Go to some early homeopathic work. Perhaps begin with Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., the ‘father of homeopathy’. The approach to healing is altogether different than what you are used to.

There was a time when what we now practice in general, was alternative. There are more sick folks now, percentage wise, than ever before.

Have you wondered what would happen if everyone became well?

Seeking help in the plant world is a wonderful idea. There’s a lot to be said for herbalists as well. The key is finding a great one. And, finding sources with excellent standards.

Good luck.

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Perhaps you are better off doing your own research on this one. I am not aware of actual endangered plant species themselves let alone ones for treating diseases. I have heard of Mistletoe being used for some types of cancer (not sure of how effective it is for this).

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It would be hard. One of the main reasons why a species of plant became endangered is that no one find it useful so cultivation for that particular species of plant is not possible.

It also hard to analyze the concentration of extinct plants since most of them were fossilized from long time ago and the active micro-substances had lost/died along with time,so it’s hard to trace any beneficial substances that can be used to treat diseases. But scientists can still make hypothesis and analyze the general/solid matter.

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@Doctor_D yeah that’s why the research was so difficult. There’s like almost no information at all regarding the medical properties of a plant that isn’t artificially cultivated, let alone endangered ones…sigh…i was hoping that there would be a botanist here in fluther or something..

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Lots of rainforest plants are medicinally valuable, and because we’re chopping down more of the forests every day, they are becoming endangered and extinct with a quickness. That may be a valuable avenue to pursue.

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