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I would appreciate it if you could post it on a site that does not require me to make an account.

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this is a very very interesting question

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@ragingloli Sorry that’s all I got.

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Was it early in the morning, or kind of cool outside? I saw something on TV once about bees having to warm up their wing muscles before they could fly, and it looked similar to that.

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Bee-having like a bee.

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just kill the bee

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Usually this is how they drying their wings. I saw this before at my weekend house, after I sprayed them with the watering hose when they tried to attacked me. :) they doing it for a minute, then they fly away. They can fly with wet wings too, but only short distance, and with very uncoordinated movements…

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I still dont get the question

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I don’t know how to explain the question further.

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