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How could a strange toolbar suddenly pop out in my window?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 19th, 2010

When I open my Mozilla window suddenly there’s a new toolbar called “Kiwee” that stick in my window each time I open my Mozilla window. This is not the first time,last month the same toolbar called “SweetIM” also stick in my window but I ignored it since I thought it will do no harm,but now there are too many toolbars and that really mess up my window and it also automatically change my browser each time I open a new tab.

So I want to know where these toolbars came from?,since I don’t even install/download these things.
How could I fix/block these toolbars so I won’t have to deal with the same issue again?

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Did you install anything in the last few days, even something like Silverlight or Shockwave? Because those will often times include strange crapware plugins in their instillations if you’re not careful.

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@dverhey I did not. I didn’t install/download anything this this month. My friend said it came from Mozilla,but I’m just not sure.

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@Doctor_D Have a look at this website I found in a Google search for “kiwee toolbar”. It might help.

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@Andreas I see that,but I didn’t agree to accept that Kiwee toolbar. will that explain anything?

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I’ve downloaded unwanted toolbars in the past and forgotten to check NO when asked if I wanted to download it. Don’t want it? Chances are, you can easily remove it by going to Windows Programs & Features.

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hey, blows my mind also. Like just now, netflix tried to invade my computer….slowed it down for about 5 minutes. Fine now!

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Malware, definitely. If it’s in FF, try going to tools, add-ons, and disable it.

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@lchtheosaurusRex should turn on your pop up blocker?

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@All Thanks everyone! The problem is solved now.

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I have heard that some viruses can put new toolbars on your computer.

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@BoBo1946 , toolbars aren’t popups, but most malware gets installed through popups. Some web designers are clever enough to defeat them. FF’s work better than IE’s, but some junk still gets through.

Any time you see a popup from a site you’re unfamiliar with (or even some you are), it’s unsafe to click anything on it, including the X in the corner. If it’s got an appearance on the taskbar, you can right-click it and close it that way, but it’s better to close it from Task Manager. If it’s especially malicious, shut down the machine.

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