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What happened to the Fluther iPhone application?

Asked by Tenpinmaster (2920points) July 19th, 2010

the fluther application for iphone is no longer in the iTunes app store. Anyone know what happened to it and why

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While I do not know the total answer I do know that the app was in desperate need of some tweaking. Chances are that it was no longer functional after the latest updates that added the social section and thus was removed either permanently or for a revamp.
Also it may not have been 4.0 friendly on the iPhone end.

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How about an Android app?

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Maybe they are going to make a cross platform app? Like, have an app that is very similar on Android and iPhone, as well as BlackBerry and Windows 7. Or perhaps they’re taking the web app route. Wasn’t the Fluther iphone as just the mobile site, but in the form of a native app?

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I would like to know the answer to this too. Also regarding an app for the iPad which I saw a lot of doing business this week in Atlanta.
My bet will be that they are not committing the resources to a formal app and are using the mobile version of the site for now.

Perhaps Tim or Andrew will mosey on by and enlighten us.

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We removed it because it was so buggy, and was basically just a shell around the existing iPhone mobile site. should work well for android as well.

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@andrew Are there plans to release another Fluther app in the future, or do you guys think the mobile version of the site will suffice?

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thank u for that information. your mobile site is great though but I love working on native apps. I hope they bring out a better one

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Why do people feel the need to have a native app to view a web page?

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As a web developer I appreciate the fact that you have chosen to work on a web standards version of the site in lieu of an app for a very locked-in system. Not only does it allow your work to be seen on many more devices with no more development costs, you avoid the App Store politics which are fluctuating at best and unfair at worst.

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It looks to me like is basically the same as fluther except with narrower margins and maybe a few different pages for stuff that doesn’t fit well on one page on a phone. For me, I’m not sure it really has any advantage over native fluther. Am I missing something? I haven’t really tested it out.

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My only experience between the two may not be definitive but I’ll just give my own experience.

Occasionally when someone links to a previously asked Q it takes me to the non mobile version of the site.

It takes much longer to load, sometimes crashes, and trying to type an answer is agonizingly slow and clunky.

The mobile version has eliminated flagging from it’s interface as well as the info panel on the side with who won what award or reached 10K and such not.

So the mobile is a slimmed down version of the regular.

I think its just as well they took the App out as it was so crippled in essential functions as to be useless for anything other than reading only. You couldn’t really participate through the App.

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Mine works great on my iPhone 4.

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