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What is your opinion on the "contraversial" iTunes pick of the week?

Asked by kapuerajam (917points) July 19th, 2010 from iPhone

Mos people rated it 1 or 5 stars

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What controversy? What song? What are you talking about?

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The iTunes free single of the week

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I wouldn’t say it’s the song’s lyrics that is creating such polarizing views, for it’s not ‘controversial’ in content. It’s people’s ignorance that is causing the divide. They are giving it one star because it’s in Spanish.

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I’m going to stop following since I can’t be bothered to look it up and no one wants to tell me what it is.

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@mrentropy Sorry, the artist is Ana Tijoux & the song is 1977

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The problem is it’s in Spanish? What a joke.

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1. It would help to know why this is a controversial song. I don’t believe for a second that it has to do with her speaking in Spanish.
2. I think it sounds very pretty but I do not know what she is saying.
3. If you think people are up in arms due to the fact she is singing in Spanish please reconsider. There are more Spanish speaking Americans than not these days.
Back in time for an edit.

- I just downloaded it. I think it is pretty awesome.
-That girl just may be my new dream girl. Hubba hubba.
– I just discovered a few new artists by seeing what other listeners bought.

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@judochop “up in arms due to the fact she is singing in Spanish please reconsider” but the one star reviews blatantly say, “stupid, it’s in spanish.” While others properly critique the song based on melodic & lyrical merits, the majority of the 1 star reviewers are basing their grade solely on the language that it is sung in.

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@rpmpseudonym sorry brah, the link you posted was to YouTube not to the review page. I ner read those. YouTube folks seem to love it and give it great reviews. Over 53,000 infact.

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Yea, I have no idea how to post a link to a iTunes store page. I’m not that advanced. :)

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