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Can unlocked cell phones be used by any carrier?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) July 19th, 2010

I live in Canada and as you guys know we don’t have much selection when it comes to cell phones (among many other things )
The phones I am interested and want to buy are as follow
– droid x, htc incredible, htc evo 4g, and many other great android base phones on the market!!
none of the above listed above is yet available in Canada and not a single word on when it will be coming to any of our carriers
so my question is if I buy unlocked version of these phones from other country will they work in Canada??

and lastly I know HTC desire is coming to telus very soon!!!
what do you think of this phone??
can this phone be compared with samsung galaxy S series??

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The phones you mentioned above are CDMA phones, which do not use SIM cards, so it is much more difficult to use them as world phones unless Verizon makes specific version to be used in other countries. If I were you I would definitely wait for the Desire to come to Telus, that is an awesome phone.

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thanks for reply
I am currently contacting with someone who claim to sell smartphones
She told me If I flashed them into my CDMA network I will be able to use any CDMA phone…
can this be true??

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@joon1986 Flash them? I’m not sure what she is talking about. It’s a matter of hardware, not software, so I’m not sure it would be as easy as “flashing” (whatever that means).

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yeah I had no clue what “flashing” means either until search the term on google…apparently it is not really unlocking is more like software update provided by phone manufacturers to fix glitches on the phones

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Flashing is a process that erases and replaces the internal read-only memory of the phone with a ROM file from another phone like it (e.g, from another carrier or country). It’s not exactly an easy process and sometimes requires software that isn’t quite legally kosher to obtain and certainly not as easy as the guy made it sound as swapping the SIMs on GSM handsets.

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@sinscriven…I am little confused it is hard but not impossibly to unlock the phone using flashing??

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