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What do you do for fun outside of your home?

Asked by Facade (22902points) July 19th, 2010

I need to get out more and am lacking in ideas…

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Walk in the nearby woods on the trails.
Go swimming in the pool.

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First up, outside for me means:
heat rash

For fun though I do enjoy to overcome the ick by:
Car drives to wherever
Walks around a lake (at night)
Night swimming
Playing in snow
Walking around old towns
Lake fishing on a cloudy day
Paddle boats on a lake
Target shooting
Tree climbing
Hiking/climbing if not too hot

I’ve found if I can have good sunscreen, a hand towel/wash cloth and bottled water along with baby wipes then I’m pretty durable after all.

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Do you live near the sea?
For me, snorkling is a nice pastime.
You don’t need much equipment, and you get to see nice under water scenery and fishes and it is pretty relaxing.
Or walk the kitteh?

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Walk to the mailbox.
Pick a fresh veggie.
Go the the pool in the golf cart.
Go to a new restaurant.
Test my heat tolerance.

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Explore some abandoned buildings. If you have a camera, try taking a few interesting shots to show your friends later. (remember to bring a flashlight)

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go hear some music and dance

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Just about anything!
I love to swim,boat,bike ride,walk,go to art fairs,galleries,parks,plane rides,outdoor concerts,beachcombing,walk the dog,poke people with sticks,zoos,golf,trap shooting,touring gardens and gardening,horseback riding,birding,flashing people,music festivals and fairs,meeting new people,jumping in puddles,sketching,floating in a tube down the river,hanging at the beach,lunch at an outdoor cafe,reading in the park,spending time hanging from trees,outdoor photography,mother nature,and singing at the top of my lungs when no one can hear me ;) Get out there and have fun! :))

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I bicycle or walk whenever its feasible, instead of driving or riding.

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@rebbel I used to. Now I’m near the Jersey Shore, and I refuse to go there lol

Great suggestions everyone!

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@Facade North Jersey or South Jersey? Yes, it makes a difference.

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@jfos I’m not sure. I’m near Trenton

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What lucille said. Especially poking people with sticks.
Plus hanging out on mountians.

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If it’s South, which I hope it is, or even Central, I know there is a lot to do. There are a handful of places that offer 2, 3, 5, or 7 hour canoe trips. The good ones drop you off somewhere with the canoes, pick you back up somewhere else, and drive you back to their building where you parked.

It’s a good workout in a quiet and natural, calming environment. Good to do with 2 or more people.

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@jfos My SO would love that! Something to look into, thanks

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I went recently, and there are plenty of banks where you could get out, eat, drink, smoke, explore, etc. We stopped at once place where there were hundreds of baby toads/frogs/(I think they were toads) hopping around.

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You could take the train to Philly for a daytrip. South Street is pretty cool. Also there are many venues in Philly and Camden, so you can always find a concert somewhere.

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I usually go to plazas and shopping centre. I’m a shopaholic and I really like to buy anything I wanted. And…I just go outside to have fun when I have collected lots of money. I like the way I grab lots of shopping bags in my hands while I walking from one shop to another.

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@jfos I was really hoping for stuff to do for free. Your ideas will be great when we have extra cash

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I like to breath in the fumes & watch paint dry.

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Beach, park, camping

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Join a local R/C club.

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Depending on how South you are in Jersey
Wildwood Beaches are free and in North WIldwood you’re less likely to run into any Situations
Cape May Zoo is free (sort of, they ask for a donation for parking) it’s a fun day

go Leamings Run Gardens ($8 for adults)
it’s BEAUTIFUL this time of year and feels so much cooler in the shade

look for a farm to visit, pick your own produce (hey you gotta eat right?) and it’s a nice drive out in the country

do a self guided covered bridge tour

get the NJ wine tour map and go wine tasting (it’s usually about $5. for a tasting at most wineries, some are more some are free)

Visit Buck County, PA go to New Hope and window shop

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I second Wildwood. Great boardwalk.

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at this moment, cutting hedges….wow…just having a blast!

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That reminds me. I need to cut the grass. Seems the only thing I get to do outside.

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Hot as hades here…but, it has got to be done! so much to do…and i don’t have the right attitude about it!

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I go boating, swimming, fishing, jam on my guitar with my boys, take pictures of wild and weird stuff, go nature hiking and make sure to squeeze in a silly walk or two, bike ride all over, do gardening and yard work in my underwear just to piss off the neighbors, volunteer my free time with the Scouts, golf, rifle and sporting clays and I will do an occasional drawing or painting.

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Take my camera out to the city
Walk in the woods
Climb mountains
Play guitar
Hang out at other people’s houses
Go target or clay pigeon shooting
Take martial arts lessons
Go to a poetry or songwriter open mic
Volunteer somewhere charitable

This is all stuff I do or have done at various times and you could easily do any of it too.

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Swim in pool (good exercise too btw).
Visit family.
Drive/walk around the neighbourhood looking at houses.

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@Facade “Now I’m near the Jersey Shore and I refuse to go there”?

I live at the shore and I have been having the best time this past week walking in the evenings on the various boardwalks. I don’t like to sit on the beach in the heat any more, but the evenings are great for exercising and people watching (and ice cream.) Just this week I’ve been to Long Branch, Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Allenhurst, and Pt. Pleasant – each with a different scene and vibe. I highly recommend it as an antidote to cabin fever. (Just don’t watch the show on TV.)

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@janbb I think your last statement was my big mistake…

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Yeah – PM if you want suggestions on the various scenes. Don’t know where you are in Jersey but Ocean Grove is a delightful town with a great ice cream parlor.

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When I’m away from my house – at a movie, restaurant, concert, play, whatever – it’s always fun for me afterwards to head BACK to my house, which I love.

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I think you should go for poking people with sticks. There’s nothing like it ;) Then everything else that’s already been mentioned.
I love the great outdoors!

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Walking my dog, we follow disued railway tracks and hidden footpaths, abandoned spaces. It’s amazing how much empty open space there is within the city. I love exploring.

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I enjoy hiking as well as camping. I am also a runner so going down a nice trail is always fun, or just taking a stroll. You could also just sit outside and read a book or enjoy nature. Parks, offer a good place to spend the afternoon. I also enjoy going to museums, or taking a stroll around shops.

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B I N G O !

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People observing and bicycling.

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@MissA Or both at the same time.

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