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UK music filesharing laws: Does my sister have to pay this apparant £375 fine?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) July 19th, 2010

Just some quick context:

My sister happened to download this album and got a letter sent asking her to pay them £375 or face having to pay hefty fines in court. Is this thing legal, and does she have to pay?

According to the article people have just ignored them and there hasn’t been any action faced.

I am merely looking out for my sister and helping her avoid losing 2 months of wage to this if it can be avoided.


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From what I understand the UK is at the forefront of anti-piracy legislation, but in terms of actual prosecutions I’m clueless as to how far they have been taking it. Personally I would ignore it.

I suggest researching this some more on sites like

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It seems like that would be a hard thing to prove. Personally, I’d take the risk and ignore the letter. If the company decided to then file a lawsuit, I’d fight it citing that they have no substantial proof.

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If she gets further demands, consulting a Barrister and Solicitor would be advisable.

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1. Don’t admit it.

2. Don’t pay the fine.

3. Consult a lawyer. You might find that the Citizen’s Advice Bureau can help.

4. Give your sister a clip round the ear – it is rather difficult to ‘happen to’ download an album through bit torrent.

What kind of wireless encryption protocol do you use on your internet connection?

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@the100thmonkey Not a clue since I have no idea what you mean by “wireless encryption protocol”. We have a hefty 16 digit password, but beyond that I do not know.

Are you trying to suggest we blame it on the neighbours? :D

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No, it’s probably a scam. Check with your lawyer.

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