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Finish the sentence: "I wish I was______"?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) July 19th, 2010


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20 lbs lighter, a bit more financially secure and accepted into a great PhD program. I will make all of this happen, in time.

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an Oscar Mayer weiner.

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A rich man. Diddle, diddle, diddy, doo…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – good one, agree, same here

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@meatheadbox – no, never say that!

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Good friends with a high quality tattoo artist so I don’t have to pay out the ass to get ink.

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@FutureMemory I have that! You should come here for a bit, I’ll introduce you to mine

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@meatheadbox idon’t like your answer, I always give GA to everyone in my threads, but your answer got my first exception

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That’s fine, I wasn’t looking for a GA.

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@meatheadbox – I know, it’s not the point. I don’t like when people wish to be dead.

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@Stasi Okay, maybe a change in perspective would do you good
@meatheadbox If you want to talk, PM me

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What makes you think death is something that should be frowned upon?

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A celebrity. Now who wants my autograph? Anyone? Anyone?

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@Doctor_D i would like your autograph on this contract that signs all your property over to me

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…hed my clothes earlier, because now i have to wear old work t-shirts.

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Equipped with a detachable, remotely controlled, adjustable penis. I could send it out to pee or for doctor visits, it would always do the right thing, and the ladies would be happy with the size, not too big or too small.

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@meatheadbox I don’t even want to think about it. Not yet. I’m alive for a reason, and I’m happy to be alive, even though life hasn’t been too peachy for me lately. My close relative died earlier this year. It’s been terrible times for everyone in my family to cope with it.

Maybe you have different opinion, and it’s fine. I don’t know you, and your personal situation, so it would be stupid to argue over it.

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Alright, I was just answering the question… Had no intention to argue. Didn’t think you would take offense.

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@meatheadbox – it’s fine.

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Sarah Vaughan for a day.

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I wish I was content.

Oh, and I wish I was a watermelon.

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More modest. (wow yet another great answer) ;¬}

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telling the truth.

(Think about it…)

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

At a Simon and Garfunkle concert in the late 60’s.

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…in her arms. And filthy rich.

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27 again.

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Putting for an Eagle on the “Old Course” at St. Andrews

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@ragingloli But didn’t you hear?

I wish I was more financially secure. I miss sleeping.

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All I hear is ‘derp derp derp derp hurr durr derp derp’.

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Hey, shouldn’t it be “I wish I were..”?

* waits for gailcalled to arrive *

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In Dixie.

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a real boy.
paid attention to.
Summer Glau’s dildo.

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toad frog!

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Living in the foothills of North Carolina…can I keep going??

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a “were.”

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O, I wish I was in the land of cotton.
Old times there are not forgotten
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.

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Not sick!

&^(^%$&**#@ two weeks of some evil summer allergy/sinus/virus?


Wow..I’m not gong to know WHAT to do with myself when I get my groove groovin’ again.

Well…not true….I am going to book a room at the beach for the weekend…I am sooo outta here! lol

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independently wealthy, and cooler! it’s 102 degrees and the heat index is 110. Ugh.

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wow, you guys rock! thanks.

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n’t afraid of people.

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I wish I were far, far away from my mother.

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a published writer

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more certain about whether or not to go to graduate school, in a house with properly functioning air conditioning, less scared to do some necessary things

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a little bit taller
a baller

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Dating Jessica Alba.

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in my husbands arms right now. I know I mention him way to much, I just miss him a lot. Sorry.

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skinny, rich, and sky diving at this very moment.

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pain free.

@Sarcasm Since I doesn’t afraid of anything, I could help you with that. ~

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I wish I was in a space elevator pressing the button for the top floor.

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I wish I was…. a rockstar. famous, with lots of fans…. all screaming for me

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