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Does he have heat stroke?

Asked by gememers (445points) July 19th, 2010

He is working in 108 F weather and says he is not sweating (and has been drinking plenty of water). Does he for sure have heat stoke?

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Who is he? Adult? Child? What is he doing as far as work?
Have you seen him drinking water? Is he in direct sun?

Is he a relative or worker?

Can you get him inside and give him water?

We cannot tell if he his having heat stroke but he should not be doing any kind of hard labor in that kind of heat.

Heatstroke is nothing to mess with- keep a close eye on him.

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Who is he and how does he feel? I usually don’t sweat or pee much when it is really hot and I am outside.

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I know out in Vegas about 115 F here, and in the shade I can sometimes work w/o sweating. For example workin in the Garage on a car. As long as they are drinking plenty of water they’ll be fine.

But if they start to become pale, or feel sick, dehydration sets on fast so, they’ll know if something is wrong.

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I am not talking to him in person. As far as I know, he has been drinking water. I do not know what kind of work he is doing. He has not been out of the heat in hours and says there is nowhere to get out of the heat. He is an adult.

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He was in the shade but not anymore

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work: moving trucks and equipment

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@wgallios You probably are sweating, it is just evaporating before you notice.

@gememers If he is drinking plenty of water, and 1 liter of gatorade a day he should be Ok. The gatorade will replace the electrolytes he is losing. But it should not be the only thing he is drinking.

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okee dokee, thanks fluther

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