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Why do toenails get thicker?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 19th, 2010

Before he died, my dad spent some time in an assisted living center. Part of his regular routine was to get his toenails cut, which I noticed had gotten so thick that they had to use trimmers that sort of looked like side cutters.
As I get older, I keep checking my toenails, looking for evidence of increasing thickness, density and resistance to normal trimming.
Is this a normal feature of aging, or was it just something my dad experienced because of some other systemic problem.
Should I buy some side cutters?

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Fungus infections can make them thick.

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Fungus infections, nutrition, and lack of circulation to the extremities can cause thickening nails. I do not think you need to worry. Aging makes everything harder as the body handles itself differently and is not as active anywhere inside it. Assisted living is a great idea for many people but I am getting off subject.

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@MaryW Well it’s good to know that aging makes everything harder.

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My mothers toe nails are very difficult to cut…. She’s in her seventies now & I’ve arranged to have a chiropodist take care of them for her now.. :-/
The last time I did them I was going to put her foot in a vice & get the angle grinder out!! But she’s a bit ticklish bless her… :-/

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@josie, I’m sure it doesn’t make everything harder. Just he stuff you wish would stay soft. Like your skin, your hair, your nails, your organs.

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@Scooby Mom is 85 and has the same problem. We finally talked her into getting a pedicure. She loves them and now goes on a regular basis.

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what cuses the toe nail to have white crust under them also

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