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Ever feel lonely even though you have people in your life?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 19th, 2010

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Yes, but I think it’s because I’m so far away from everyone in my life (except my son). I miss having dinners with family and my friends from back east all the time. I can pick up the phone and call them at any time, but it’s not the same. I have made friends where we are at now, but it’s different from the friendships I had before.

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Of course. As David Riesman points out in his book, “The Lonely Crowd,” not only is such a thing possible, but a great number of human beings are feeling that even as we speak.

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No not really… though I do wish I could have more time to spend alone with the one that matter most.

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All the time. I actually feel a little less lonely when I’m by myself; the people in my life make it worse.

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Not really. If I do, I talk about it to those I’m close with.

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Very rarely. I miss my grandson’s and the rest of the family that live 500 miles away, so you might call it lonely. I have grandsons and family near here also, so it’s hard to feel that way for long.

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When I feel misunderstood, yes.

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Not often, which is a good thing as most of my friends have been in two years of life crisis situations. lol

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There was a time in my life that I did. I never feel lonely now.

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It might be about quality and not quantity.

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Yes, I do feel lonely sometimes.

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No; I’m not aware of that.

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A lot of times I do because I don’t tell my family or close friends things going on with me they can’t possibly help, it would just bring them down.

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Yup, I feel lonely at times. While I have people in my life who care deeply about me & who I care deeply for, (friends and family) I still have to fight that demon of loneliness every now and then. I do connect closely with a small number of friends, I do have friends and family that I can bare my soul with, plus a closeness beyond description to who I know to be my God, but I still need to walk through the feelings of loneliness at times. -Its always good when I come out the other side & realize the truth again, that I’m not actually walking this thing called ‘life’ quite ‘solo’ after all…

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I value solitude. But there are times when I feel a little lonely. Just a little and never for long.

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I love to have some personal space to reflect and think, some peace and quiet is quite enjoyable, however, I also love to socialize and friends are very important to me. I have very few true friends though and make it a point to hang on to the good ones.. as well as make new ones…even with all these people in my life there are times when I do feel alone or lonely. These are times when I just cant help but feel like nobody can or would even want to understand how i feel.

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I have always felt far more comfortable in small groups or with only a few people. I don’t like a lot of people around me and I really don’t have the patience for most for very long so why take that out on them? I learned a long time ago when you’re misunderstood, you can’t teach yourself what is in anyone else’s head, and you can’t teach anyone else to understand what is inside your head. It just doesn’t work. So, alone for me has never been a bad thing. But I have always felt that way because of being the way I am, and always having been misunderstood.

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@Jude I don’t know how I missed this question before—I very frequently feel lonely even when in a crowd. I am assured that part of it is being an introvert and part of it is depression.

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Very much so, perhaps they are not the right people one should surround themselves with.

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