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What kind of experience do you expect from your movie when you go to the cinema?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 19th, 2010

Inception is this summer’s most anticipated mind bender. Do you like that kind of movie? Thrillers? Horror movies? Sci-Fi?

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Nope, I like feel good movies. Last night my mate and I went to see Karate Kid. We loved it. I had read reviews that said it dragged, was too long and many other unflattering remarks. But we thought the scenery was wonderful and Will Smith’s kid is about the cutest kid you have ever seen. I have been in love with Jackie Chan for years. It was great. Then we ate at Maccas for a treat afterward. Now these things may not be a big treat for you but when you have lived in the middle of nowhere for the last 5 years, it is so good I can’t begin to describe the feeling!

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I expect to remain awake,but it doesn’t always turn out that way.I find it hard to sit through most of them

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I like most movie genres. When we go to the theatre we get the snacks and drinks there to add to the movie experience. I love watching movies on the big screen, especially horror and thriller movies.

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Inception is a complicated movie, and runs about ½ an hour longer than it should, but I enjoyed it very much.
Movies need to be about the story, first. Visuals are wonderful, but I have seen movies without any real visuals, and been mesmerized by them.
It’s also important to show me something I haven’t seen before. Avatar was a beautiful film that bored the hell out of me, since I knew Dances with Wolves so well. Inception, at least, took the idea of the Matrix, and buried it deep in 4 other Matrix’s.

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I expect to not be disturbed! I paid my $8.00 and do not want to be woken up for any reason!

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Representing the opposite end of the spectrum from @filmfann, I need interesting characters and good cinematography. I’ve watched movies where nothing really happens and been mesmerized by them.

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I hate going to theaters to see movies. I would much rather watch them at home. I went to the theater for The Star Trek movies, which I always enjoyed, and watch at home frequently. I also went to see the Harry Potter movies, and I also watch them at home. I watched the Twilight movies at home.

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Sweet holy moly, the movies I gravitate to more than not are Sci-Fi, action/adventure, fantasy, psychological thrillers. I want good cinematography and sound, I want it to look as if I am there. I also want believable acting, what I can’t stand is a movie with bad sound and lighting that also has bad acting. No matter how innovative the plot or story was if the acting was bad the movie is a tanker. I want a movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen and how in the next few moments; something where I don’t want to go take a wiz for fear of missing something. I also want a movie that delivers a twist I never seen coming. I don’t need all the T&A, explosions, gratuitous murders and such for the movie to be a hit with me.

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I just got back from the movies, I saw “Get Him to the Greek”. It was o.k. When I go to the movies, my old boss said it best, I go to have fun, be entertained, it should be a fun time. The employees shouldnt look like they hate their jobs, and the picture and sound should be good. I don’t know, I love movies, I just havent seen one I really liked in a long time. I want something epic, I like sci-fi, but it’s a hard sell to the mainstream, but I like how they still make sci-fi movies. I liked the Chronicles of Riddick, but mostly because Vin Diesel produced them, I thought it was cool that someone was putting their money where their mouth is. Not quite sure what that means.

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Feeling elated. Like after having watched Avatar.

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I like any movie that has a good story and good acting. I especially like movies that have characters and situations I can identify with, and I especially dislike movies in which excessive special effects or bad direction distracts me from the story. I love drama, comedy and -fi, and I am a very bug fan of movies from the 30s and 40s.

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I’m not a “Bug Fan,” by the way! Typos are what I get from Fluthering on my iPhone while waiting on an oil change.

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I need to see art, not fun entertainment.

This is accomplished primarily through exceptional technical craftsmanship across the board; along with subtlety and taste. It’s a team effort and weak players/departments show. When done correctly the gestalt effect is amazing. You get what @Cruiser is talking about. To me, the ultimate movie you wake up from (in a trance) at the end and find it hard to believe you’re even in a movie theater. Then for 8+ hours – or days – you see the world from the movie’s perspective with those beautiful sea legs.

I expect the cinematographer to not have Parkinson’s disease. Nor any other of the major “seamless style” rules to be recklessly broken – like the 180-degree rule.

I expect to see ZERO product placement. They should be paying me if they want to show me commercials.

Inception (2010) was overcooked on action for me. The first half was such a great experience, but then Nolan (who also did Memento) pulled the rug out and turned it into a Die Hard Bondian remake, and all the subtlety and nuance went up in C-4 flames. There was no relief. He tried to sustain tension for like the last hour straight, and it didn’t work. He also overused closeups; like too much rouge on a whore. And there are some major editing errors in the second half.

So ultimately I hated the directing and editing. “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

Tom Hardy (who started in the minor masterpiece Bronson (2008)) is my new favorite actor. I think his work and DiCaprio’s may be worth an Oscar nod.

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Inception is my idea of a ‘real’ movie. It had everything I wanted, for me. I’m so relieved that it was such a great movie, I have not been impressed like that in such a long time. I almost want to say it was better than The Matrix….....

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I liked it too, you’re the second person that has compared it to the Matrix. It didnt quite have the same quality of story “flow” the Matrix had, it kind of left you hanging a little bit from a few holes in the plot. I love Science Fiction, and it’s a tougher sale to the mainstream. As far as the above question goes, Don’t you hate it when the theater employees have this “I just smelled something bad/I hate my fucking job” look on their face.

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@truecomedian Yeah, I wouldn’t compare it to the matrix, but that was the only movie I can compare it to as an example of how it was. I think the movie was original and great.

And yes, I don’t like that look, and I don’t like the smell of theater popcorn for some reason.

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I saw ” Million Dollar Arm” today, it was great! A real feel good movie, lots of humor, super cute. I go to the movies expecting an escape from reality for a few blissful hours.

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