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Should your boyfriend give you a nickname?

Asked by Kkrazy55 (127points) July 19th, 2010 from iPhone

I don’t have a boyfriend yet but I when I do get a boyfriend should he give me a nick name?

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Only if he wants to, and only if you like it.

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Nicknames between two people should be special. I don’t really like generic nicknames like “baby” but I agree that you should only use nicknames if he wants to and you like it. Don’t force yourself to use them just because other people do.

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That’s something that will depend on the two of you. Some people like doing it, others don’t. I wouldn’t try to force him to give you one though. Just let it happen naturally.

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Yes, I have a few.

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Yes and your nickname should be the first wild animal you see after you make love the first time. If you live in the city then it should be after the first form of public transportation!

I love you my little squirrel, my little taxi, my little cross town bus!

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@Cruiser Have you heard Jimi Hendrix’s Crosstown Traffic?

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@jfos One of my favorite songs by him.

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@Cruiser It’s good stuff. I’m not sure that “my little crosstown bus” would be the most endearing nickname…

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@jfos It’s all in how you say it…

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@Cruiser Emphasis on “my little?” Or maybe even “my little C.B.”

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@jfos See how nicely that works! :)

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@Cruiser Or “my little bosscrown pus.”

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@jfos Now you are getting silly! :D

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Here’s a Man Secret: When guys give a girlfriend a nickname, it’s so we don’t get caught calling a girl by another girl’s name. But when we call the girlfriends by pet names, slipping up by the wrong term of endearment is a perfect crime.

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Yes, he should call you “best thing that ever happened to me”.

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My boyfriends name is Danny. My name is Akira. I think he should call me kiki. my bff calls me that. i want to call him dan!=D

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