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Why is seeing all of the breast more evil than seeing most of it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26871points) July 20th, 2010

Exactly which is more evil in the eyes of Americans, the breast in part sans nipple or the nipple? You see fashion and such were most pars of the breast is expose in some part or has tons of cleavage, seen greatly on the red carpet or the runway and even though is exposes a great deal of the breast it is seen as couture over trashy or slutty. It seems a woman can expose all sides of the breast and not be obscene but if any nipple is showing all hell breaks loose. Even though many may see cleavage or the wearing of a tube top etc. in poor taste but not obscene but if any nipple is expose they do? Why is the greater part of the breast being exposed tolerable but go to obscene when ever the nipple is exposed. To me it is as logical as saying you can kill people (which should not be done) so long as you do not do it in front of anyone.

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The nipple is a different color than the breast. Also, to see the nipple, I would assume you’d probably see a large portion of the breast also.

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@Luffle I dunno, I’ve seen some nipples that are pretty scary. They stare right at my face through clothing and bathing suits.
The nipple is in fact the most scary part of the breast.

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@judochop Since you are staring at them, it’s only right if they get to stare back.

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The whole darn thing!

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There is nothing evil or heinous about a breast!! What a are you nucking futz?? Breasts are beautiful, naturally beautiful! Expose away!

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For some reason its the nipple. You can show pretty much a whole breast on tv as long as you dont show the nipple. But god forbid you allow the nipple to be exposed. OHHHH THE HUMANITY!!!!

i think its all a load of shit personally

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Yeah, I’d have to say it’s the nipple. In some go-go bars (where nudity is not allowed) the dancers can’t go topless, but they can wear pasties. And pasties are essentially just nipple covers.

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WTF? Is this a joke? All the crap that is evil in the world and you’re asking this?

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Skip to 5:15 Lewis Black on Screenwipe about the Janet Jackson ‘incident’. NSFW- language.

This pretty much sums it up to me. I think the nipple wins, but only slightly.

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As far as censorship goes, the nipple is a relentless foe.

I’m not sure that any nudity should be censored, but I’m not running the FCC.

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Both me and my nips are with you on this one!

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@MissA Thanks for a great laugh. The US is way too uptight about sex and body parts.

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@Adirondackwannabe Especially about naked body parts when they’re not having sex.

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@jfos The most sex crazed country as well as the most hypocritical. We got all the bases covered.

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@Adirondackwannabe And all the nipples (covered.)

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The nipple is unquestionably and unceasingly more evil than the rest of the breast because of the sinful thoughts they produce. Sinful!

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Both are evil, but not as evil as the nipple off the breast.

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@Adirondackwannabe “The most sex crazed country as well as the most hypocritical.” Certainly does seem like that. They use sex to sell you everything from eye glasses, gum, purfume, burgers, etc, but if any bear nippled breast is shown it is more evil than a naked bum. Even if the woman was suppose to be nude sun bathing, skinny dipping, or in a hot tub not having nowhere near sex the nipple is off limits. Heck, it is even off limits of if she is in a wet white cotton t-shirt with no bra!

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And part of the breast is good breast.

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The greatest breast related obscenity is the bizarre and outdated censorship that continues to define the nipple of a woman’s breast to be unfit for decent people to see!

All parts of every human body are acceptable and admirable, regardless of the age, sex, gender identity, or degree of physical fitness.

While society has been marketing an ideal and illusory definition of what makes a human body beautiful enough to be seen. That is all BS.

If we learned to appreciate and accept each other as humans, regardless of what body parts we show and regardless how they are shaped and without concern for the colour of the skin, we would start to show that our species is capable of responsible behaviour and could even learn to live without hatred and a constant desire to kill or deprive each other.

So much of what humans do is such meaningless BS. It does not benefit us or the countries we live in or the planet we share.

Breasts are wholesome and pleasing and should not be treated as icons of any type.

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It’s kinda like when they interview people on TV and put a black censor bar over their eyes… Yeah, we can see the rest of his face, but the eyes really make him recognizable. They give a certain unique personality to the face. Nipples are the same way. Everyone’s are different, they can make or break a pair of boobs… you’re just not getting the whole picture without the nips. A face without the eyes, if you will.

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@Luffle I was just joking.
Whoever said breasts were evil needs smacked.

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@le_inferno Everyone’s are different, they can make or break a pair of boobs… you’re just not getting the whole picture without the nips. A face without the eyes, if you will.
Apparently it goes deeper than that. Just having the indentations of the nipples on a breast is enough to give some the heebie jeebies. Take this article, and part of what was quoted in it: ”Elena Rydkina took a photo of herself without a bra and wrote on her social media page: “If you have small breasts, which does not require support of bras at all, than it is an absolutely useless thing and only interferes with life. Freedom to breasts!”” All of the breast with pasties might be a ”face without eyes”, but it is somehow still more acceptable to see all of the breast sans nipple than it is to see all of the breast covered, but with indication of nipple, that double standard I could never fathom.

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