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Can people listen to my scrobbled tracks on

Asked by petercostello (25points) July 20th, 2010

I want to embed a player in my website that allows people to listen to what Im listening to via my scrobble list. Is this possible? Kind of like live streaming my listening

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Not through, unless you only listen to freely playable tracks, I suppose. I still plan to, some day, write a player that can take your scrobble list from (or another list, like recommendations), and then plays those songs from another website.

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@Vincentt great idea. Now get workin :P

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@Vincentt That would be an excellent idea. I’d use it for sure.

You can do something similar, though, by listening to someone’s library in the Radio pane of’s site like with mine.

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@dverhey Only when you’re in the US, UK or Germany, or you’ve paid for a premium account. Otherwise you get a 30-track limit.

And yeah, I love the idea, but I’ve got to find the time…

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Hmm, I do apparently had the time for this, as I coded up a first prototype of a website that lets you specify a user’s track list and plays the songs on it through YouTube. It’s still quite inefficient though, so I won’t post the link publicly so as to avoid straining the server, but if anybody wants to know more about it, they can send a private message.

It’s also very rough around the edges, ugly and not easy to use, but it was quite fun working on it so I’m thinking about developing it further.

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