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What were your thoughts on the 2010 World Cup in SA?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 20th, 2010

The Wold Cup is held every 4 years in a selected country and this year it was South Africa. Let this not bias your answers, but I thought they did a wonderful job hosting and they had multiple cities to book events in and I am quite sure they made a lot of dough with ticket booking as well as hotel finding.

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I thought it was a poor World Cup when it comes to the quality of football. This World Cup had one of the lowest goal-ratio ever and some of the refereeing was just awful. It’s a shame that all those beautiful stadiums will be deserted from now on..

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Germany is best Many!

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I thought it was awesome.
though my country didn’t compete.

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Some of the worst refereeing I’ve seen but my main issue was with the televised coverage. They kept repeating this one song/sound/line. I’m not going to type it out because I have no idea how to. It was this one three-second soundbite and by the end of it I was so sick of it I was mashing the mute button constantly.

The games were hit and miss. Some had me on the edge of my seat, others put me in a coma. Still, I’m very glad I watched it and enjoyed it for the most part.

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I was amazed anyone could make NHL officials look competent.

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@gemiwing I think I know what you’re talking about. Their little “theme” when they showed the logo?

I enjoyed all of it, though. Was waking up at 6:30 to catch some of the games and I’m on summer. I’m a little disappointed Germany didn’t get to the finals, but I think they’ll own 2014.
I was also pretty glad the US team got outed early. I was very glad to see them get off their high horse, and I’m an American. I just couldn’t bring myself to like that team. The rest of the coverage of the World Cup got a lot more enjoyable when they weren’t obsessively talking about American soccer.

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The vuvuzelas were a little annoying. I wish Mexico stayed in longer. Some of the refereeing was bad. The stadiums looked very nice. This was my first World Cup, though, so I can’t compare anything to previous World Cups (I finally gave watching soccer a chance.)

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@dverhey Yeah, that’s the one. The one with the person singing/chanting/saying a phrase. ESPN showed it constantly.

Found a vid of the sound- it’s from :22–26 here

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I kind of liked the vuvuzelas. After awhile it got to be kind of a cool background noise.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, same. I was watching a MLS game recently (terrible, by the way) and I kinda missed them.

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@Adirondackwannabe @dverhey I agree. That’s why they were only a little annoying.

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SA was a wonderful host. The games were better during the knockout phase. Some were really excellent.

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To quote Homer Simpson, “BO-RING!”. I love football, and I think SA 2010 was a sad World Cup. France ‘98 remains my favorite (though I wasn’t happy to see the French win back then).

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I’ve watched every World Cup since 78’ & this was the least memorable that I can remember. The football was predominantly based on teams shit scared to play attacking football for fear of losing. The majority of games therefore were boring tedious drawn out defensive affairs. Unfortunately a lot of nations now know how to spoil games & negate any team who play the game with attacking flair. Not one game could be considered a classic, end to end open exciting edge of your seat stuff. Just didn’t happen. Still roll on Brazil 2014, come on England, perleeezzze!!! Incidentally in my opinion the best World Cup was Italia 90. Great tournament great games.

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@ucme I thought Germany thoroughly pwning Argentina was pretty memorable. Don’t cry for me, Argentina Cry me a river, beeyotch!

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@bob_ Ahh yes but you see being English I kinda erased the bloody Germans fron my memory, at least temporarily….....whaddya ya mean sore loser? ;¬}

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And pwning England. And Australia (more like Ausfailia, amirite?)

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get rid of those horns!

Congrats to Spain!

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I did however laugh long & loud when the Spanish eliminated the Germans. Auf wiedersehen….pet!!

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World cup is after all a world cup where ever it is conducted. Personally i feel the S.A people and government put in a lot of effort from their part. Remember that these people started from scratch unlike ohter cities. These WC witnessed to a lot of new things like vuvuzelas, jabulani, waka waka e.t.c. refereeing was seriously put under criticism. Any way the closing ceremony was great. Hoping Rio takes it to the next level…

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I thought South Africa was a great host country, but I wanted either Uruguay or Ghana to win. :(

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anyway Ghana went home but I thought that Uruguay would kinda win to

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@pokopenguin How many winners do you want there to be?

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I don’t want to hear the vuvuzelas again.

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I wanted Ghana to win but they lost it. I am happy Uruguay didnt win a medal in spite of that unscrupulous Suarez. I am happy France got sent packing (they cheated to get in the world cup), Am happy Italy got whupped by little Slovakia (Teach them some humility and also a few facts about player expiry dates).

Am happy spain won it they deserve it, i hate the fact that no one proved Pablo/Paul the octopus wrong.

I detest the vuvuzelas, spoilt the crowd chants. Same goes for that stupid Jabulani ball.

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Brazil – Netherlands 1:2 was good too.

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From a footballing point of view, it was the worst World Cup since 1982. From an organisational point of view, I think it went very well, especially considering what some of the nay-sayers were predicting about South Africa’s ability to host the tournament.

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