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What could be better, and how?

Asked by jfos (7380points) July 20th, 2010

Very vague question here. Don’t feel limited.

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Life in our country…with less greed.

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Congress. Less politics, more reasonablity.

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How about 10 things that can’t be better:
1 A child’s innocent laughter
2 The look from a trusting dog
3 A bird’s song in the morning
4 The touch, or laughter of a woman you find attractive
5 Baby animals
6 The trusting look from a child
7 The sun setting on a beautiful lake with a gin and tonic and friends at your side
8 Snow capped mountians on a crisp clear day with crystal clear blue skies
9 The feel of a perfectly executed golf (insert your own game here) stroke
10 A tomato right off the vine.

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@Adirondackwannabe: I would add playing in the rain…dancing with a child, twirling.

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1. Public discourse. More civility.
2. Environmental awareness and respect. Taking greater personal responsibility.
3. My health. Less crap food,
More exercise.

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I think that the US presidential election process could be better, by using the popular vote to determine the winner.

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Energy policy and how!

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My healthiness and my instinct. I always try to raise/maintain them in order to last long in our modernized human ‘food chain’.

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That. Anything could be better than that. Just fix it already!

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If the government would have used the stimulus money to pay of the nation credit debt.

Things would be a whole lot better by now.

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Amount of money put into public education, preventative medicine and making our country more sustainable.

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my patience with the old woman

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The way different people throughout the world treat each other. Respect for each other.

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More people could gain a sense of the community of mankind.

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Being a pessimist at heart, I always ask myself – what could be worse? I cannot answer your question, all the fluther group have answered magnificently as usual.

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The feel of wind on my face.
The quietness of being surrounded by fog.

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