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A question about anatomy; tail bone anatomy.

Asked by tan235 (877points) July 20th, 2010

so i have a peculiar question and i feel silly asking it as maybe I should know this.
but i traced my lower spine with my hand and all the way down the end and near my ‘butt’ is a little lump, a hard little lump what I imagine is a bone, it seems very attached to the rest of the spine. I found as it noticed it whilst wiping…sorry.
Is this little bump/bone the bottom of my coccyx?
Or is it a bump i should get checked out by my doctor, i’ve looked on line at the anatomy of a tail bone and it seems to be part of my skeleton?
It’s quite an embarrassing question to be asking here but Ithought i’d try -as the doctor might just laugh at me. I was laying on my side when i did it, I can’t feet it standing up as it’s quite under if that makes sense…. anyway thanks

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Yes, that is your coccyx. It is the last bone in the cervical vertebrae.

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Agree with @bydshec17.

I know someone who swears that we all are born with little monkey tails and they snip them off at the hospital!

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yes that’s what it is kinda like… this tiny little monkey tail… apparently after my googling it’s the only bone in the human body that doesn’t decompose?
I hope I haven’t harmed it now after all my poking and prodding, can other people feel it?

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Well, if it’s so tough that it can’t decompose, I’d think that it can stand a bit of poking and prodding. I’d also think that if you can feel it from the outside, someone else could. Could it be that yours is longer than most?

Mine must be like that of a Manx!

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well I am sure other people can feel it… i had to poke quite hard, i was worried initially as i was feeling a lump but on further inspection I realized the little bump was connected to my tail bone…. it’s quite weird.

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Do you have the Rh negative blood type?

I am Rh neg. and lots of interesting quirks associated with this rare blood type, such as an extra vertebrae among others.

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heh wow, no i don’t but my sister has, she has two tubes coming out of one kidney and a rare eye disease called Stargardts…. I didnt know that RH has weird quirks associated to it.

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Insofar as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, we all have tails during gestation. Some are indeed born with intact tails.

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wow so it’s really a tail i’m feeling…. that’s so weird…. prehistoric reptilian thing?
or darwin?

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There was a woman in my home town that supposedly had a tail. A friend’s father came home from work one day and told us that she let him feel it. He didn’t have much of a sense of humor, so I doubt that he was lying.

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Yes, look up the ‘reptilian’ factor…some belive that the Rh neg. type is a hybrid blood type of alien origin. haha

Lots of nteresting physical and mental traits assc. with it. Including a high IQ and blue, green or hazel eyes, psychic abilities etc. This type cannot be cloned or reproduced either.

Interesting stuff!

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woah really?
my sister is pretty weird, I am dark haired and eyed and she is light and hazel eyes, same parents, she use to think she was abducted by aliens… I’ll tell her that’s really interesting.
makes sense, is it true you can’t be cloned?

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Because they cannot replicate this blood type as they can all others there is no ability to clone any part of an Rh type.

There are lots of articles on the web about the mystery of Rh negative.

A huge percentage of this type are the Basque people n Spain, they also have an original very unique language and lots of references to aiens in space craft from thousands of years ago that took human women as wives,

Who knows, but…very interesting,

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@coloma thanks .. so very interesting, I will research it more. thanks

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@bvdshec17It is the last bone in the cervical vertebrae.” I think you meant to say ”sacral”. Though I know some people who have their head & neck inserted into that region lol.

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We share a common ancestor with monkeys and apes so of course one would expect tail remnants.

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Well, it’s also not so strange to have a bit of a fatty deposit there. If you don’t want to talk to a doctor about it, have a chat with a clinic nurse.

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Yep it is a tail bone. There are 3 to 5 fused bones in the tail bone. It can be different lengths. and men and womens are shaped differently. It is called the coccyx bone.

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