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When going on a trip, what can I carry jewelry in?

Asked by Abby (106points) February 28th, 2007
I've been using a small Tiffany bag with a drawstring but it's on its last leg. suggestions - bags, boxes, etc?
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use mini ziplocs, little boxes that you can put rings and non-tangle items in, plastic bags work well for big bracelets/bangles
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You can always use a film canister (does anyone have film canesters any more? They were so useful for so many things)
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i use an old candy tin.
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They have travel cloth jewelry holders with pockets that roll up for all of your jewelry.
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i like those hard cases (i think they were designed for lipstick tubes?) - they're about 4inches long in a semicircle. no chance of earings poking through the ziplock or things getting bent. if you're carrying more, also big grocery stores often carry little reusable plastic tubs with twist tops (like 2inches by 2inches, with various shapes/sizes) that I find perfect for jewelry.

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