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If you had one opportunity to time travel, would you rather experience the future or the past?

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

If the past, when?

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The future.

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the future. I want to know what’s gonna happen.

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the past. Elizabethan England to be exact

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definately the future!! what you experience in the future could help you in the present…. and i want to know if robots will end up taking over the world!! lol

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Future to a time when they have invented day-to-day time travel, as I can a. Go back home, b. time travel whenever.

And I know the whole wishing for more wishes thing is kind of douchbaggy, but i’ll get over it.

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If you jump to far ahead, you might end up in a time when mankind has wiped itself out. And you might not be able to get back :-)

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Mid-16th century Rome, for the music and the politics.

And I don’t think I’d ever come back.

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I would go into the future and see what the winning powerball numbers are. Then I would go back and win:) I would also bet on a bunch of sporting events.

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good someone else who likes the idea of going back not forward. I honestly don’t think the future is going to be all that great

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I’d read the fine print on the travel agreement before choosing. These things can get tricky.

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I would love to be able to view and communicate with the past, but I have no desire to be there. Much of progress I am unwilling to live without.

I believe it would be very dangerous to know the future, as prescience would inevitably change our present, which would change our future. . .

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I would visit the past so I could change the future.

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teejay read mymind

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I’d like to go back to the 60’s.

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i’ve got enough going on in the now that i can’t imagine thinking about going to the past or the future.

if i had to, i would like to go to a time before the electric hum, just to hear what real quiet sounds like.

(you say we have one opportunity to time travel…does that mean we can’t come back?)

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past. but first i’ll learn as much about current mechanics and computing as possible, then i can make that giant steampunk spider from Wild Wild West a reality.

… oh, and buy stock in IBM

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@ row4food: very observant. :-)

I would go back and fix the issues in my last relationship.

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The future. That is all.

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I’d go back to 1955. Then I’d forget to bring plutonium with me. Then I’d inadvertently screw things up trying to help my dad only to have my mother have a high school crush on me. Then I’d expose the youth of the day to real rock-n-roll music and come home.

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I would visit the past, and i will change my livfe and chane the future.

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If either way we could alter the course of our own history, knowing that we could retain what we learned and able to return to the present?
Then I would go into the Future, return with information that could solve problems of health, education,Politics,Economics,technology,etc
Anything that could guarantee a positive outcome.

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