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How Serious of a flaw would this habit be to you?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 20th, 2010

You meet someone and go for lunch. He/she says, “I like, really was looking forward to, like, meeting you. And, like, now that you’re here I’m like, so glad I called.” Otherwise, the person is attractive, educated and nice. Would this be a deal-breaker for you if you somehow could Know it was permanent? But if you believed you could stop it , what would you say to this person?

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Huge pet peeve – wouldn’t be able to get over it.

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I don’t think it’d be a deal breaker if you really liked the person otherwise. However, if your feelings for them are only lukewarm, this bad habit could end up grating on your nerves and becoming a deal breaker.

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Also, if you can tolerate it long enough to determine if your feelings are strong vs. lukewarm, you can always broach the subject later. If brought up in a loving way, in the spirit of making that person better, hopefully it would be well received.

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It’s a terrible,terrible thing ;)
There are far worse flaws than that,but if it bothers you that much,either say something or don’t see him again.

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@lucillelucillelucille This is Not happening to me. I was just wondering how on earth you could stop someone from saying it and whether you could feel sane after listening to it for half an hour. I think it would be quite hurtful to bring it up to someone. As in , “would you STOP saying like? Can you say one sentence without using like??” You may as well throw soup in their face.

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@Aster-I would tease that person.There are ways to have alittle lighthearted fun without destroying someone’s delicate ego.Chances are he is just nervous;)

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I agree with @lucillelucillelucille give that person a chance to see just how permanent that tic is and many people I knew who overused that word quickly grew out of it. Just say can you try to use the word a lot less??

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I couldn’t handle it… same with using “right?” as a verbal comma

so I was going to the store, right? and this guy comes up to me when I’m getting out of the car right? and he’s “all like” Yo, baby and I’m “all like” no way, dude.

(I’d rather eat a bullet than be forced to listen to that for any length of time)

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Funny, when i started to read your question i thought: “Oh no, someone who uses like like after every other word again.”
For me it would be a deal-braker, if it was the first date.
Once i know someone a bit longer it only annoys me when they start with something like that.
I have a colleague who has three of those things (are those called stop words, in English?) and it drives me nuts.
I can almost not pay attention to what he is saying, because of it.
I can’t translate his three stop words…, they are in Dutch and i think they will get lost in translation.

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If they could not stop, like, multiple warnings, I wouldn’t be able to, like, deal with it. It’s just so…like….contagious and I already hate saying it.

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I know a girl who peppers multiples of “like” throughout her speech and ends every sentence with either “right?” or “yaknowwhatImean?”

Nice girl. I want to shove her off a cliff though.

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Like, she would be dead then?

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@rebbel: Luckily, I am nowhere near a cliff. I suspect she will grow out of it – but she’s 22.

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@rebbel Like, totally. Lol…....

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Hopefully, I will continue dating women old enough to have never adopted that dreadful habit!

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A male friend ends most of his sentences with, ” see what I’m sayin’?” So his audience graces him with an affirmative nod of the head continuously. I think he needs that.

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The colleague i was referring to is 42, so i am not sure if she’ll grow out of it soon…~

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How old is this person? If over 23, then I couldn’t take it. And what @Blackberry said.

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I wonder if this is a nervous habit. How can you be sure it’s “permanent” and not that the guy gets a little tongue tied when his nerves start going?

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It is key to a healthy romantic relationship to simply not listen to what your sweetheart is saying.

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Is she hot ? I can make exceptions if she is.
Just don’t speak when we are in bed unless it’s to say “I like it.” Ya know?

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If you like her, you should see her a couple more times to see if she normally talks like that. Obviously it must bother you for you to ask about it so if she talks like that on a daily basis and not because she was nervous when she met you, I wouldn’t see her often if I were you. You could never take her seriously.

It’s a bad habit. I don’t think it’s a habit that is limited to a person’s age.

@TheOnlyNeffie I think you are right. She might be nervous.

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@worriedguy But it would be… I like, like it, like, yaknow? Like seriously.

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You know, it would not bother me! but, you know, i’m different, you know. you know, it’s about perspective, you know! Everyone see things differently, you know!

drive me nuts! you know.

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I recently watched a linguistic documentary on talking Canadian. Towards the end of the documentary a group of girls from Vancouver, B.C. were interviewed. They peppered their speech “like, yeah!” and “like really?” The documentarian then stated that it looked like that term was making its way into regular language. I think I yelled, “NO!” at the tv.

When my daughter hit grade one she started to insert like into every sentence. Thankfully that went away when I started to home school. Like, thank god!

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Neh, i think it’ll be a dealbreaker. A guy who speaks like that is just….not man enough for me, hehe. :)

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