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How many Toledo Mud fans are out there?

Asked by doublebogie (649points) July 20th, 2010

This is the AAA minor league ball team mostly affiliated with the Detroit Tigers made famous on TV by Klinger on Mash. I’ve been a Muddie Fan since 1966 and I was wondering how many other fans we have in the Flutheren or what is your favorite minor league team. And no, we aren’t doing well this year with a 46/50 win/loss.

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That’s the “Toledo Mud Hens”, can’t believe I left the Hens out!!

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I went to college in a small town south of toledo and I can tell you that their stadium is sweet.

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@tablack01, I have never made it there for a game, some day. I have watched them on internet tv. Thanks for your response

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