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What is the best pot to make oatmeal in on a gas stove?

Asked by nina (895points) July 20th, 2010

What is the healthiest and easiest pot to cook oatmeal in that would also clean well?

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A clean pot is the healthiest. No stick surface cleans easily. If it is real oatmeal, the kind that takes an hour to cook, the heavier, thicker the pot the better. Or use a slow cooker. If it is the one minute type of oatmeal (which I think is inedible), you can do it in the microwave right in the bowl.

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I microwave old fashioned oatmeal right in a ceramic mug. Do one minute on high…let settle down and hit it again for another minute and yum all done! No pot to clean. When you are finished eating just let soak in sink 15 or so minutes and it practically wipes clean…no scrubbing.

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I love oatmeal but have never been able to make it as good as I remember from my childhood. Ditto cream of wheat. Tips?

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@Austinlad Make them with milk, not water. Big difference.

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I prefer to microwave mine in a glass bowl, and always use milk instead of water.

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I have copper bottomed pots and they work fine. Actually, any pot I’ve made it in has turned out fine. The heavier the bottom the less likely the oatmeal is to burn.

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@josie – I never heard of one hour kind. I use the 5 minute kind and it seems to taste okay. Well actually it tastes great with honey, butter, milk, almonds, blueberries, bananas and yoghert.

I use a stainless steel pot with a heavy bottom. I always used the copper bottom but have just discovered these new pots with the thick bottoms and I think they cook more evenly and don’t burn as quickly.

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@rooeytoo Old fashioned rolled oats take a long time to cook. They still have most of the bran covering, and the bulk of the “meat” of the grain. Absolutely delicious and fiber rich. If you have time some Sat or Sun morning cook some up. Available at natural stores, or Whole Foods. Works in a slow cooker too. The heavier the cookware the better. Never cook with thin cheap cookware. Might as well just eat frozen dinners.

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@josie – I will look for some at the health food store. Thanks for the tip.

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I use a double boiler if I am busy so it will not burn but almost any good heavy pan is ok if you are watching it carefully.

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I recommend any high quality stainless steel pot with a thick bottom (like so many of us!). They distribute the heat evenly.

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