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Do you have compassion for others misfortunes?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 20th, 2008
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There are people who are the victims of chance, and I have compassion for them.

There are people who volunteer for their misfortunes, and I have little compassion or sympathy for them.

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that depends on the situation. Some people bring it on themselves. Or sometimes I just don’t care, therefore having no compassion for the person

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I heard this once. Sympathy is when you see someone in quicksand and you jump in with them to show them that you are there for them.
Compassion is when you offer assistance to them if they would like to get out of the quicksand. So yes, I have compassion.

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Generally, yes. But I still laugh when people get hurt doing something stupid. Call it the America’s Funniest Home Videos Syndrome.

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People put themselves in good/bad positions… If you don’t like the situation you are in, get yourself out of it. I think I have compassion to a certian extent- but I used to help people a lot- a ” volunteer” situation, as cwilbur put it; And that’s when you get hurt. I learned this the hard way. I got myself out of the rut. I would always find myself saying” why does this always happen to me? I do nice things for people and it gets tossed back in my face”.
I’ve found that having compassion- doesn’t mean you have to act on it. You have to know when its the right situation to invest your heart Into, or you get hurt.
One more thing-

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my phone is getting on my nerves-

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