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What are the target muscles, synergist muscles, and stabilizer muscles used to execute a volleyball jump serve?

Asked by freaksgeeks (25points) July 20th, 2010

I am aware of the muscles used for this sports movement

(combined, a variety of muscles including upper and lower body muscles are used. Active muscles for the back part of the body include: traps, external rotators, lats, gluteus medius, lumbar erectors, and hamstrings. Active muscles for the front part of the body include: upper traps, pectoralis minor, sub-scapularis, ileo tibital band, rectus abdominus, vastus medialis obliquus, tibialis anterior, and adductors. ),

but I need help distinguishing them between the three categories listed in the title. Any help?

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I dont have a clue

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I pay volleyball, but i never focused on what muscles you use in a jump serve. I ust use my arm strength, jumping (legs) and a strong hand. And I always remeber to kinda snap my wrist when i hit it so that it will go straight down.

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