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I know what the seven deadly sins actually are, but could you please tell me what YOU consider seven deadly sins/mistakes of life to be?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20564points) July 20th, 2010

Besides the known sins, what are “sins” that can totally send you over to the wrong direction?

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1. Lying
2. Violence
3. Sexual abuse
4. Rape
5. Breaking a promise, consistently
6. Betrayal of trust
7. Hate crimes

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1. Lying.
2. Smoking.
3. Not wearing sunscreen on high UV days.
4. Violence.
5. Breaking a promise to a child.
6. Hate crimes.
7. Lying to yourself.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir well that’s a little weird. I do believe we answered at the same time as well.

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I agree with Simone.

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@jazmina88 Bitches? How about asshole men?

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1. Pointless killing
2. Pointless lying
3. Deliberately hurting another being
4. Eschewing honesty in favor of unnecessary truths
5. Closing one’s mind indefinitely
6. Arrogance rather than confidence
7. Using your power against another person

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Not hugging your kids
Being Selfish
Not acknowledging those you love
Forgetting important dates or milestones in life
Not taking time for your self
Picking your nose in public

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7. Cheating on your SO.
2. Lying about cheating on your SO.
4. Molesting children.
1. Being an egoist.
6. Blaming someone else for your faults.
3. Being a racist, a sexist, a terrorist.
5. Spoiling earth’s sources.

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Not respecting the needs of family & other people
Continuous jealousy of others’ possessions
Not recognizing the importance of good health
Not respecting animals
Lack of concern for those less fortunate
Ignoring the Spiritual needs of children if they exist
Teaching and demonstrating hatred/racism to others

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1. Entitlement
2. Taking for granted
3. Thinking it’s okay to say anything to the people you love and that they’ll be able to forgive you.
4. Gluttony/waste
5. Rape/Molestation/Torture
6. Pride
7. Apathy

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1. Rape/Sexual Abuse
2. Purposefully hurting another creature(humans and animals alike)
3. Lying
4. Disrespect
5. Denying children love
6. Not helping people less fortunate
7. Disrespect for the earth

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Abuse of the weak [includes children and animals]
Frivolous lawsuits


1. Murder
2. Hatred towards, and denigration others, because of their race, their position in life
3. Child (and animal) abuse
4. Infidelity (Unfaithfulness to your partner)
5. Betraying your family and other close ones
6. Being unkind and inconsiderate of others
7. Selfishness
8. Conceit and snobbery
9. Dishonesty
10. Ignorance

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Intentional ignorance

Coloma's avatar guys have it covered ‘7’ fold! lol

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I consider all sins to be equally damning.
That said, some sins have more immediate and/or more drastic consequences.

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@jjmah I know several bitch men. this goes back to whether bitch has been reclaimed.
I say let the men be haggy too!!!!

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Calling evolution a hoax.

Calling nicotine addiction a hoax.

Calling global warming a hoax.

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