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What is that weird coating on Brie cheese wheels?

Asked by Carly (4550points) July 20th, 2010

My boyfriend and I are debating whether or not the rind of our brie cheese wheel is edible. We’ve never gotten sick after eating it, but I don’t like the flavor as much as he does. We’re both really wondering what it’s made out of. Anyone know?
(the current brand we are eating is President, by Lactalis Deli, Inc)

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It is edible, it is spores from the mold that is used to give Brie its unique flavor and texture.

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Have you tried warming the brie in the microwave? Makes the rind taste better, or, if you don’t want to eat, makes it easier to cut it off. Then you slather the melted brie with on warmed french bread which also has butter on it. Mmmmm.

I, myself, am not crazy about either its taste or texture.

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If you do want to remove it from the entire cheese, the best trick is to stick it in the frizzer for an hour. Then fill a tall glass with ice water and plunge your knife into the water. Once you remove the rind though, the cheese has a shorter shelf life now that it has no protective wrapper. Do wrap the peeled cheese in plastic wrap before storing in the fridge.

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It is edible. I like it. It counters the texture of the body of the cheese.

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It sounds perfect – you eat the inside, your boyfriend eats the outside! That’s how we do it in my house – there is one outside-lover who eats the rind.

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It is also good with rasberries over the warm brie on bread or crackers. Definetly edible. Makes that strong flavour a little softer. I’m sure that you can get creative with the fruit, as well as the wine to compliment the cheese, a little candle light…opps got carried away there! Enjoy.

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I eat the whole thing. Mmmyum. Whole thing.

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