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How do I get this icon off my Mac!

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) July 20th, 2010

It’s two arrows that form a circle (like sync) up in the tool bar next to my time capsule synce status icon.

In short, it’s for my sync status for MobileMe. I cancelled MM, b/c I simply did not use the features. But now that I’ve cancelled, the dang icon is still up there. I restarted my computer, and it’s still up there.

Any idea how to get it off?

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Hold down the command key and drag it off the menu.

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GA. Awesome! Thanks. I tried to just drag, but command was the key, LOL

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You can actually do that with every single icon up there (except 3rd party and Spotlight) if you want, by the way.

If you already know that, disregard, but it is a very easy way to clean the clutter.

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i wonder why they don’t let you get rid of spotlight if you want to . . .

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You actually can. You just have to use Onyx. I did, but you have to remember to get rid of the shortcut in System Preferences.

I’m not sure why they do that, though. You should be able to get rid of it with everything else.

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