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If you delete your Fluther account, is your username still listed on all your questions?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) July 20th, 2010

Just curious what happens if you delete your account—will your username still be associated with all your questions?

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Yes. Many ghosts of users past are still visible here.

This appears to be a meta question, by the way.

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yup… once it’s been said, it’s been said… better watch watchya say…

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Yes, you can find the user name on the Fluther search, and they will still appear on the general Google and Yahoo searches.

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[mod says] These folks are correct. Your username will still be linked to all of your questions and answers. If you have a compelling reason to not want that, send me a PM and I’ll see what we can do.

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Yet the searches seem to return only recent stuff. Within a few weeks, it seems like they can barely even find your username or what you wrote.

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@wundayatta Yeah I noticed a difference after the last major fluther update. The search is very unpredictable and rarely reaches further back than a few months it seems. I wish there was a way to limit the search to my own comments, or a particular users comments.

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Don’t pay attention to anything Zen, NewZen, or Zen_Again asked or said. He wasn’t real.

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I wish that deleted users’ responses would remain, but show up as something other than their old username…for the same reasons that I changed my username (anonymity).
Just a thought for you Fluther folks!!

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@SundayKittens If they ask when they leave, we’ll change their username to something anonymous.

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Oh, good to know!!!

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