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Does rubbing tea bags on your face help with acne?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) July 20th, 2010

My grandma always tells me that rubbing all natural tea bags on my face will cure my acne. Im not sure if it would cause more problems with my acne or not. Have any of you flutheries every tried it?
I am at my ropes end with trying all these acne meds that are suppose to take care of my face. None of them work and i have been trying things for over 6 years.
So any advice about the tea bags? And have they worked for you?

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I don’t know if rubbing tea bags on your skin helps with acne but it helps with reducing bags under the eyes and dark circles.

Drinking tea might help you clear your system though and reduce acne breakouts.

Have you tried changing to a healthier diet if acne medications haven’t worked for you?

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I’m not sure about acne, but I know green tea bags help reduce excess oil on the face. And because some people get acne from over-production of oil, it’s worth a shot.

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@Luffle Yes I even tried cutting out all bread dairy and wheat products and it did nothing. If there is something more healthy then that diet im not sure what it is lol.

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It might help to look at what kind of acne you have and when your acne is at its worst.

I had a really bad case of acne at the beginning of this summer that only appeared on my forehead and seemed inflamed mostly at night. None of the acne medications or cleansers seemed to help. It turned out I was allergic to the foundation I was using. When I stopped using it, my skin cleared up a lot.

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I’ve heard that tea bags can be used to reduce redness but it’s definitely not a long-term solution.

I know acne can be really frustrating and it takes a lot of time and patience until you find the right system that your acne will respond to. Over-the-counter products that have comprehensive systems have come a long way. Are you using Salicylic acid products at all?

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It most likely will not cure it but it couldn’t do any harm.

Tea contains tannic acid which has astringent (drying) properties so that’s likely the origins of this particular folk remedy.

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Have you tried all the usual topical stuff? I would defiantly recommend Salicylic acid washes and astringents and lotions if you haven’t tried it yet. Maybe Tea tree preparations? I used to even put hydrogen peroxide and tea tree on mine to clean it and dry it out. Stung like heck, but it helped keep it clean so it would heal.

@Luffle is right, too. There can be all sorts of sensitivity to what you are using too that could aggravate it rather than help it. Often times, the more simple the ingredient list, the better.

The oil and sebum get trapped in the pores because they get plugged by dead skin or a black head. Ex foliation is very important. It doesn’t have to be harsh walnut shell type (should NOT be in your case), but a very gentle exfoliation can be done with baking soda and water and your fingertips. The salicylic acid makes a chemical exfoliation that is very gentle. I’ve even tried mashing up aspirin, but I don’t think it helped much.

I use my own goat milk soap now (I’m over 40) and the milk acids from that is enough to exfoliate my older skin.

Hormones, of course, are the trigger, more than anything. Our wonderful endocrine system can be awfully cruel. We just need to learn to manage the eruptions, try to balance our systems and not get infections. I notice that if I stop drinking coffee my skin looks better.

When my pores look really full of muck, I mix up a batch of French Green Clay, with a few drops of lemon and tea tree oil and leave it on for a short time and it exfoliates and pulls the muck out.

All the best for finding something..

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Yes Ive tried topical Ive tried pills even birth control hasnt taken care of it…...
I have also tried numerous things with salicylic acid in it. And none of it seems to be doing anything

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So i tried the tea bags for a few days… And my face cleared up the morning after using them on my face! :) There working for me and my face is quickly healing! :) I cant believe it…
Just thought id give you guys an update lol

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I have never heard of this one. If it does work, than that’s great. If it doesn’t work, at least it will make your face taste better.

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@Afos22 it works… its weird sounding but it works

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