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Suicide Watch

Asked by istand1337 (51points) March 20th, 2008

My friend started cutting again on Tuesday. We have Spring Break this upcoming week. I have now decided that threat is great enough that I can’t risk it, so, I need as many ideas as possible as to how to go about showing her that she is loved, etc. If any of you know anything about this, please help.

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Ummmm. Tell her parents. Tell your parents. Tell the police. That’s all you can do that’s really gonna help.

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Like simone54 said, tell someone – everyone who matters. This is not your battle to win.

This might sound harsh, but hopefully it hits home:

If she manages to end her life, and you haven’t told someone about the warning signs you have seen, you will have regret and sadness hanging over you for a long time. You may keep saying “I should have, I could have…”.

Take the leap – speak up. That is the most love you can show – even if she gets mad at you.

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I agree with these guys! Do it now!!!

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OK, I told the counselor at our school, and I told her to get some help. The counselors talk to her tomorrow.

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@Island; good for you. The 13 yr old niece of my painter hanged herself two weeks ago. Her best friend was too scared to let the world know and called the girl’s mother 15 minutes too late. The horrrible corollary is that there are websites with info on how to hang oneself effectively, down to the knot itself.

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there is a place for life controling problems the sucess rate is around 85% because they deal with the root problem our self worth its called teen challenge

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I think the hardest part is that this problem – of cutting, and suicide – is particularly focused on teens, yet it is above our heads

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Maybe I am coming into topic too late, but aside of the gorgeous and appropriate suggestions my dear jellyfish colleagues already provided (that can represent the short-term direction to keep about that issue) I would suggest you, “long-term” speaking, to take her and show her how great life can be.

You can talk with her parents, the councelor at college, the police. All good. But after that someone has to take her out gently, holding her hand, and letting her understand that world out there is not something you have to escape from.

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Often people who cut themselves are not trying to commit suicide. That being said, it should not be ignored… definitely tell parents, doctors, paramedics, social services, school counselors..

Cutters cut because the sensation of the pain substitutes the internal pain they are feeling. Just showing how good life can be will not make this person stop. They need to go through therapy and become aware of their self worth. You will be a miserable mercenary trying to help someone with that, since no matter what YOU tell them, they will only hear what they want to or conditioned to hear.

People like this can suck the life out of you if they do not get professional help. It is commendable that you did something for her… support will be all she needs from you now, but change will be all up to her.

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