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What was baler twine and what did you use it for?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) July 21st, 2010

Just a question to see how many jellies have ties to their agricultural roots. That’s a little bit of a hint to the answer. Are you familiar with this item?

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The seamingly obvious would be to bale hay etc. But is now made of polypropylene and can be used in packaging as well as agriculture.

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Baler Twine is the Duct Tape of yard work and I use it for tying up plants to stakes. We use a bale a season in scouts for doing all sort of lashing projects. It is also great for tying up hyperactive kids.

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Jute or sisal, of course. It fixed everything before duct tape.
We wrapped it tightly around our M-80s to make them even louder.

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Cruiser To bad that duct tape is not a standard classroom supply when you have a class of 28 and several have ADHD. LOL

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@Seaminglysew Sounds brutal! I had my hands full with running a den of 8 scouts and can’t image 20 more in one room under my tutelage! YIKES! I would need both the twine and the Duct tape and lots of it!!

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I practically grew up on a farm and we used baling twine for just about everything. Most of the gates were held shut with baling twine. I also used it to make tree swings. It’s incredibly strong, especially the plastic sort.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bail twine is a pain in my butt! But this is mostly because the previous owners left it all around instead of cleaning it up as you go as I do. I’m getting close to buying a tractor so I’m excited to potentially be doing my own bailing in the future!

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Yes, my Dad used to swear by it, along with the old fashioned kind of Duct Tape (the real stuff). I didn’t like it because I had to use gloves to protect my hands. I like the newer nylon twine better.

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I grew up on a farm and we (my mom) made and sold hay in the summer. We had 40 acres of grass that the cows didn’t come close to eating. I remember playing with the stuff. I knew how to thread the baler but someone would have to mount the rolls into it. I was under 10 and they were to heavy for me to lift.

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The principal at my high school made kids use baling twine as a belt if they were caught sagging.

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@buster with the current trend for kids wearing their pants so low, maybe this rule ought to be reinstated :)

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